What To Take When Traveling With Kids


Honey, I forgot the …

Whenever you travel, however long you go for, and however you actually travel, there is always that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you forgot something important. A lot of the time this nagging feeling is simply that, a feeling, something which could be put down to paranoia, however in the event that you do forget something important, what do you do?

Now, there’s no need to panic much of the time, because you could probably buy a replacement in the destination you’re heading to, however you don’t want to be spending extra cash, and you will probably need the thing you forgot right at that moment, without having to wait to arrive somewhere.

It’s a minefield, but one which our handy list of things to remember will help you navigate.

If you’re travelling with kids, particularly babies or toddlers, here’s our list of what you simply must remember.

  • Stroller – Surely this one speaks for itself, exploring a destination is a million times easier and do-able if you have a stroller in your car. Make this an easily storable one, e.g. one which folds up quite small, and you can use it for getting your little one to sleep, exploring, and generally getting from A to B. There are many new options that make life easier all the time. Find some of the best strollers 2016 here.
  • Travel crib – Your little one will settle much easier if they are in recognisable surroundings. Get them used to it before you leave and you should have no problems with sleep.
  • Bottles & formula – Again, this one is a no-brainer. Pack a spare in case of an accident or breakage.
  • Pacifiers – If your little one uses a pacifier, make sure you take a few spare, in case one gets thrown on the floor and you can’t retrieve it.
  • A method of sterilising – A small travel steriliser and tablets will do the job, and stores quite easily too.
  • Favourite toy – If you want your bundle of joy to settle, as we mentioned before, they need something familiar, and a favourite toy on hand is the ideal way to get them to be calm and settled.
  • Blankets – It can often get a little chilly when you’re travelling, so roll up a small blanket and keep it in your hand luggage, so you can keep your little one warm in the midst of an air conditioned plane cabin
  • Changes of clothes – Accidents happen, we know this, so be prepared with a few changes, just in case.
  • Nappies & wipes – Self-explanatory! Baby wipes also serve a myriad of purposes.
  • Sunscreen – It doesn’t have to be beating it down with sun for your little one to get burnt, so make sure you have some sunscreen in your bag at all times.
  • Medications & first aid items – We hope you will never need them, but if your baby starts to run a temperature, or they get bitten for example, have some medications on hand just in case.
  • Entertainment for toddlers – A fully charged iPad or tablet is the way forward here, or a portable DVD player for long road trips.
  • Snacks for toddlers – Throw some fruit or healthy snacks into your bag, for those munchy moments.

If you tick every item off this list, you should be more than covered for your travels.

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