What to Pack For a Cruise

Packing for any trip can be hard and it’s easy to over pack. A cruise is especially difficult because there are so many events and therefore you need many different options. You always want to be careful not to forget anything because you’ll be in the middle of the ocean where there aren’t exactly many shopping centers!



Here some of the main things you’ll want to be sure not to forget to ensure you are completely prepared for your cruise:


Sandals – You will definitely be wanting a pair of sandals to wear while strutting around on the boat.
Walking shoes – A must when your boat stops and you are exploring for the day.

Travel size flat iron – You will definitely want this! You may be going places with rather humid weather so a flat iron will be extra necessary to keep your hair under control.

Dress(es) – One or two dresses will be important for formal nights and you’ll also want some casual ones as well.

Shorts – You may want some that can double as exercise shorts but also could be worn over your swim suit or while walking around the different towns you stop in.

Sneakers – Great for walking around and also for exercise! Many cruise ships will have a track on the top deck.

Sun screen – Nothing can ruin a trip faster than sun burn so never forget to pack this must have item.

Sunglasses or hat – Also great for protecting your skin and makes it so you don’t have to squint in the sun all day.

Sweaters/Jacket – Being on the open sea can get chilly at night with all of the wind. It’s a good idea to have some layers to stay warm.

Going out clothes – Often on cruise ships there will be bars and dance floors and you can be sure to find places to party a bit at when the boat stops at its ports. Having some cute going out clothes will sure come in handy.

Day bag – You will be having many daily excursions so it’s good to have a cute bag to carry your belongings in.

Toiletries – It’s likely that the cruise will supply shampoo, conditioner, and body wash so it’s not necessary to pack your own unless you want specific ones.

Entertainment – It’s a great idea to bring something to listen to music, magazines, and books to enjoy while sitting poolside on the cruise or while relaxing on a beach at your port of call!

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