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Summer or winter, the result is the same

Certain destinations are simply iconic, and the Canary Islands certainly fit into that category. One of the most popular islands within the archipelago is without a doubt Tenerife.

The southern coastline of the island is packed during the summer months, however during the winter months there are countless visitors heading to its shores to enjoy the spring-like weather, during the colder months back home; the great news is that there are always great value deals to Tenerife no matter what the month.

Tenerife is a large and volcanic island, and there are major differences between the north and south of its landmass. The central region is home to Mount Teide, a huge peak which welcomes visitors year around. This is a fantastic place to enjoy a road trip to, and during clear weather you can see for miles. Of course, we mentioned the south coast, and this is where you will find the huge resorts of Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos.

There are many all inclusive hotels in Tenerife, which means families can find an affordable option for their summer break in the sun; conversely, it also means that those looking for an easy winter deal are catered for too.

Costa Adeje and Los Gigantes are the two other major resorts on the island, and together with the other two we have mentioned, welcome the most visitors to the island. Packed with activities, Tenerife looks set to continue to welcome even more visitors as the years go by.

If you’re thinking that this is just another summer holiday destination, you’re wrong, because Tenerife overall has plenty to enjoy away from the beaches. Golf courses, walking trails, nature, water-parks, shopping, culture, and relaxation greet visitors, however we can’t deny the beach fun on offer. Many of the northern coastline’s beaches are black sand, volcanic in nature, which looks fantastic against the blue of the sea. The southern coastline is full of your regular golden sand beaches, packed with water-sports and sun-bathing opportunities. Of course, the large hotels all come equipped with large swimming pools, meaning you can easily chill out in the sun, and cool down a little.

Whichever resort you choose, the end result is pretty much the same – Tenerife offers a ‘something for everyone’ kind of destination choice, and for those travelling with children, there won’t be any ‘I’m bored’ cries! Nature lovers and those who enjoy exploring should certainly head to Mount Teide, which is occasionally snow peaked during the winter months, however the general feel to the island is fun, fun, fun.

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