Ways to fund your travels without working 9 to 5 for 2 years


Many people find themselves having to work solidly for two years in order to fund their travels abroad.

Yet the purpose of this article is to show you that there are ways to pay for travel – even if you have a family. In fact, all it takes is a bit of creative thinking…

Online casino games

The World Wide Web has given birth to a new breed of professional gambler. Now a new kind of white-collar gambler has worked out how to use stats and spreadsheets to turn a profit on top table games from Red Flush casino and others.

For most people, the risks involved in gambling for a living are too great. As described in an article from the BBC, being a success as a pro gambler involves taking the passion and emotion out of it. Because most people can’t do that, we would never advise this as a line of work.

Yet as long as you know what you’re doing, and you know the risks involved, online casino games could make you the money you need to go travelling.

Property investment


Before the financial crash of 2008, many people were investing the then booming property market as a means to fund travel.

It is still possible to do this, but you just have to be more careful. If you invest money in this way, you can rent out property pay your travel expenses – you just have to make sure you do it the right way.

You don’t have to have lots of money to invest either. In fact there are companies out there which allow you to buy equity in UK property for as little as £1000.

Temp work and savings

Living frugally is the key to working for a short period as means to fund your travels, whether you return home to work, or stay abroad. You can even trade rent for home improvement. Get a temp job and save, save, save. After all, saving is very much the key to travel.

So, find a temporary job, work for a few months and then set off to the Dominican Republic or some other far-flung location.

Foreign services

Many people have found work with the British Embassy. The gov.uk website is a great source of information on this subject. Doing this type of work could take you all over the world; from Brazil, to India, to Italy or Dubai. People who do this kind of work get paid good salaries, have accommodation found and paid for them, and get new assignments on an average of once every three years.

Sell your stuff

Before taking off for the Dominican Republic or Brazil, it would be a good idea to bulk up your savings by selling anything valuable that you have. If you really want to travel without working, selling musical instruments, furniture and your jewellery may be necessary.


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