Visiting Europe – A Guide for Senior Citizens

Age is but a number, and where travel is concerned, this couldn’t be more true. Health permitting, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be globe trotting up to the high numbers, and these days it’s getting easier to do, with ways to travel the world without too much actual globe trotting in the physical manner.

Cruises, city breaks, easy to reach beach breaks – you name it.

Let’s look at a few tips and pointers for visiting this huge and cultural continent, aimed particularly at the older generation.

Research and pick your destination wisely. Basically, avoid anywhere that is difficult to get around on foot or by bus. If it takes a ten minute trek down a rocky hill to get to the nearest beach, it’s probably not going to be the best choice, however if there is a regular and comfortable bus that goes down to the beach, then you’re sorted!

Avoid loud, night-life orientated places. Europe is full of notorious Bar Streets and Club 18-30 destinations, and most popular holiday countries have one. For example, in Majorca, it’s Magaluf, and in Ibiza, it’s San Antonio. Cyprus? Ayia Napa. Turkey? Gumbet. Basically just avoid these towns, but be aware that most large destinations have something called Bar Street, but it is usually literally just that – one street. Don’t let this put you off exploring these destinations, because the rest of the resort is more often than not perfectly open to a wide range of age groups, and equally as welcoming.

Consider a river cruise. Keeping with the cruising idea, a river cruise is a fantastic way to lump in a few tick off boxes all at once. See a lot? Check! Get from A to B? Check! Have a little relaxation along the way? Check! As you can see, there isn’t a lot of negatives to this! Most of the large river-ways have opulent European river cruises running along them, and the accommodation is usually comfortable to boot. Going through a country will always allow you to see more in the way of true scenery than driving across it, or flying over it. The Rhine and the Danube are hugely popular river cruises, with plenty more on offer too. Leisurely and cultural!

Consider a Med cruise. There are a huge number of different itineraries on offer, so you can pick one that visits all the different places of cultural and historic note, which resounds to you. Most cruise-liners cater for a wide range of age groups, and you have the added bonus of all food and drink (mostly) included in the cost of your holiday. This is a great way to see a lot of different places, in a shorter space of time, with kick-back and relax time on-board too.

Put simply – take your time and enjoy! There is no reason why advancing years means no European jaunt. It’s simple really, just take your time and do your research. Yes, it’s true that not every destination will be ideal, but then if you flip reverse it, not every destination will be ideal for the young, single, party-goer either. There is something for everyone in Europe, and the only question you need to ask yourself is this – where do you want to go?

Once you know that answer, just book your flight.

photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

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