Most Visited Holiday Destination Cities in the World 2017

There are a lot of cities in the world but a few are able to stand out and attract a huge number of visitors. According to the statistics released by a number of travel institutions, we can rank the most visited cities from the period of January up to August 2017.Here are the most visited cities in the world.

Melbourne, Australia

It is the capital of Australia located in the South-Eastern coastal area of the state of Victoria. Melbourne is one of the most popular cities in the world and receives millions of visitors per year. It has so many things to enjoy whilst you are there such as bars, coffee shops, world-class restaurants by Yarra River, smart beaches, wildlife such as famous kangaroos, exotic plants, rivers and National Gallery of Victoria. And they have some of the best casinos both land based and real money casino online. You can visit Australian online pokies for iGaming entertainment.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok emerges to be amongst the top visited cities in the world. The Thailand capital is popularly known for its vibrant night street life. People visit both land-based casinos for casino games (casino spiele), clubs, and museums. You can never run out of things to do in Bangkok, you can enjoy a night out in the nightclubs, restaurants or just enjoying the street life. Most popular places in Bangkok are Grand Palace (Opulent former royal residence and museum), Khaosan Road, Wat Arun, and Safari World.

London, England

Even though the English capital slipped a bit in rankings it is still in the top three of the most visited cities in the world. It is the most populous city in England and it receives millions of visitors every year. Travelers enjoy visiting historical monuments, the popular Big Ben clock tower, Buckingham Palace, iconic Riverside London Eye (wheel), and stadiums of most popular football clubs. Enjoy sightseeing and exploring many things in London in the city’s tour bus. London offers also live musical concert and enjoy the nightlife in the English capital.


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