Varied and Vibrant Berlin

Europe is packed with cities, and all of them are fantastic in their own right. From capital cities to large metropolis’, Europe is a city break dream. One city which many people think about when picturing the European options, is Berlin.

Once you narrow down your choice of city, the next question to ask yourself is how to explore it. You could scour the Internet, looking for tips on where to go, or you could head to the nearest bookstore and purchase a big guidebook. Are these the most time effective ways to see a city? No. Another option is to see it all though the eyes of a local.

Withlocals offers a more personalised way to explore Berlin. You simply log on to the site, connect with locals from the city, and look forward to an exploration which really will show you not only the highlights, but also the way of life and culture of the place you’re visiting. There are also countless tours which aim to bring attention to the best parts of the city, such as food tours, walking tours, culture – you name it, you’ll find it. The unique thing about Withlocals is that you personalise your tour, with the help of your guide. This means you get out of it exactly what you wanted, and probably even more besides.

Berlin is a city which has a dark past, but it has recaptured so much of its vibrancy these days, that it is now a hub of entertainment, history, dining, nightlife, shopping, and culture. Being able to experience all of that through the eyes of a local is certainly one of the best ways to view it; there are so many things to do in Berlin Withlocals that unless you know a little background, you’re going to miss out on so much. On top of this, having someone show you around who knows the city like the back of their hand is the best way to pull out the good stuff, versus the not so good stuff!

For instance, Berlin is a huge city and that means it is packed with shopping opportunities. Unless you want to stick to the big named brand stores, in air-conditioned malls, you’re going to want to venture into the smaller areas of the city, perhaps even the street markets. There are many different tours on offer to be able to show you this side of the city, whilst also allowing you to learn about the souvenirs you’re picking up. By connecting with your host/guide, you can talk about the kinds of shopping opportunities you want to find, and your guide can then pass on the best knowledge/information they have, to give you what you want.

On top of this, how about food? German food is hearty and delicious, and there are many street food options too. You could dine with a local family and really learn how to cook some local favourites – how more authentic can you get?

Of course, Berlin has a lot of history, and this means that you need to know about what you’re seeing, in order to truly appreciate it. The Berlin Wall Memorial is a must visit, as well as Steglitz and Lichterfelde. There is so much more than this of course, and it’s definitely worth reading up on the history of the city before you even travel – much of the history is sombre and upsetting, but to truly get an overview of the importance of the sights before you, it is something you need to know about ahead of time.

Overall, seeing Berlin through the eyes of a local is without a doubt the best way to view it. There are countless neighbourhoods to explore, and of course, some fantastic nightlife to finish off a busy day’s sightseeing!

Not everyone wants to join a huge tour group, and not everyone enjoys meeting several people all at once. This is why Withlocals is ideal for anyone who prefers a more one on one approach, or perhaps for older travellers, and those who don’t want to spend a small fortune on expensive tours. Your guide is experienced, and they can transfer their knowledge to you, whilst also helping you perhaps meet a new friend along the way!

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