Top Five US Cities for Foodies

Food, glorious food!

Who doesn’t love a good meal in a city known for its culinary excellence and variety?

The USA is food continent basically, and portions are huge! Despite that, quality is high, and choice is plentiful, yet there are some cities that are known for food in general. We’ve all heard of the Deep South, and home-cooked food, just like mama makes, so it’s no surprise that three of the cities on the list are from that direction!

Let’s take a look at five US cities that are highly recommended for foodies.

Yee-haw land, full of southern soul food, and cowboys to charm the socks off you. Musical history is huge here, so for anyone into their music, this is the place to go. However, for anyone who loves their grub, this is a dream. Southern cooked food, huge portions, with restaurants and eateries in abundance, and all very laid-back and rustic.

Cheese? Yes, a city that is related to one of the most famous cheeses in the world, who hasn’t had a burger smothered in Philly cheese? Despite that, Philadelphia is a city bursting with restaurants, many of them top-class, with chefs held in high esteem in the culinary world. Many restaurants are of the ‘farm to table’ school of thought, with fresh ingredients showing in the taste.

Houston, Texas
A lively city, full of southern charm again, and more music than you will know what to do with. You will find some of the more unusual food combinations here, such as quail fried in Dr Pepper soft drink! For those who prefer something a little more mainstream, yet full of flavour, the meat in this part of the world is succulent, delicious and huge! BBQ meat, burgers, you name it.

Austin, Texas
Another southern city! It’s no surprise really, but Austin is a city that is seriously vibrant, and also a big hitter in the world of live music. A visit to Austin will be lively, loud, and for the foodies out there, you’ll find countless restaurants, ranging from taco stands, to top-class eateries. You’ll find everything from breakfast tacos, to succulent steaks, and everything in between.

San Francisco
The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz … why else would you visit? Well, because it’s all about food! There’s even a musical based in San Francisco called The Foodies! This is probably due to the sheer number of restaurants, cafes, takeaways etc that are based in the city, and by the way, portion sizes are huge! San Francisco’s Chinatown is the best the USA.

Food, glorious food? Oh yes, we’re eager to try it!



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