Turkish Gulets Are a Great Introduction to the Turquoise Coast

The only people who get bored by sunshine are those that live in a place where it shines most of the time. Tell that to holiday makers that visit this beautiful part of South West Turkey after an indifferent summer when there are as many days of rainfall as there are days of sun. They will have little sympathy and might want nothing more than to lie by a swimming pool with a cold drink and catch the rays. There is nothing wrong with that at all but with so much else to offer in the region it makes sense to think about doing something else as well.

Cruises are Relaxing

No, not the cruises where you join hundreds of other people on a cruise ship to sail to different destinations seeing little of anywhere much! Not only do you see very little there is usually so much food available in buffet-style restaurants that when you return you have actually put on weight.

Gulet cruises along the Turquoise Coast are an altogether different experience. There is just a small group of people on board. It may simply be you and your family and friends. None of you need any experience of sailing because the captain and his crew will take care of everything.

The only thing you have to do is enjoy yourself and turn up when meals are served. Gulet cruises are full board with fresh fruit and vegetables picked up from the mainland at regular intervals and cooked in local olive oil and herbs that the crew may even pick from the hills that line the coast.

You can relax in the sun, take the occasional swim and take a cold drink from the ‘’bar’’ whenever you want one. If you want to cast a line into the sea you may even catch a fish or two for dinner; sea bass, sea bream,  red mullet or even barracuda. It does not matter if you don’t, you won’t go hungry.

A choice of route, east or west

Dalaman is the most popular airport in the region though at the extremes there is Milas-Bodrum if you fancy the Bodrum Peninsula and the Greek Islands and Antalya to the east which serves places like Kemer and Demre.

One of the main towns on this coastline is Fethiye which has a great marina type harbour and is surrounded by both smaller modern resorts and plenty of culture and history. It is about 40 minutes east of Dalaman Airport while another popular setting off point for a cruise, Marmaris is twice the distance in the opposite direction.

You can select a gulet cruise of just 3 or 4 days if the experience is new to you. By all means ask questions to satisfy yourself that you will enjoy it. By the time you have done a cruise a few times you’ll be an expert. A sail Turkey gulet cruise puts you in a unique environment that first time sailors will not have experienced before. If you are under sail there will be no sound at all. If the engine is running there is still the sensation of peace and tranquillity. You can do nothing as perhaps you have done in the past with a sunshine holiday by the pool but you will not be surrounded by sunbeds.

All too often people go on holiday and return tired and certainly not looking forward to work. If you take a cruise you will return home refreshed and when it comes to looking forward to something more than likely it will be to your next cruise.


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