Top Ten Best Casinos Worldwide

Casino de Monte Carlo

Feeling lucky? Every year millions of people make a pilgrimage to some of the most awe-inspiring casinos in the world. From family trips, to bachelor parties, hen dos and 21st birthday celebrations, the glitz and glamour of casino life makes these gambling paradises a popular destination. If you want to try your hand and place a bet, check out our list of the top casinos in the world for some inspiration, and start planning your trip today.

1. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Often known as a billionaire’s playground, Monte Carlo is also home to one of the most stunning casinos in the world. The charming, 150 year-old casino features a huge variety of gaming tables and is famous for being the inspiration behind Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel, Casino Royale.

2. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

For a taste of Italy in the US, The Venetian is the best place to stay. Take a gondola ride through a replica of St Mark’s square, listen to passing opera singers and finish it off with a rare game of Caribbean Stud in one of the many gaming areas.

3. Casino Baden-Baden, Germany

Located in Germany’s picturesque Black Forest spa town, this elegant, French palace-inspired casino offers guided tours inside its red and gold interior, as well as over 130 slot machines.

4. MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas

Situated in the casino capital, this colossal, emerald-coloured Las Vegas icon has a lot to offer, including a gaming floor that covers over 170,000 feet with over 2,500 gaming machines, 139 tables and a unique, interactive CSI TV tie-in experience game.

5. The Empire Casino, London

Replacing the Empire Ballroom in 2007, this exclusive London casino offers a touch of glitz and glamour to the area, with regular tournaments, cash races and events, including those for the World Series of Poker.

6. Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Featured in many films and TV shows, this luxury Roman-themed hotel casino complex features stunning marble columns, spiral escalators and a dedicated horse race betting area, where you can relax in a private booth.

7. The Venetian, China

Not only can this mammoth Venice-inspired casino rival its Las Vegas counterpart in terms of games, glitz and glamour, it’s also the largest casino in the world.

8. Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut

The second largest resort in America, this authentic, Native American-themed resort complex boasts everything a visiting family could need, with six casinos, five hotels and tons of entertainment options.

9. Tusk Rio Casino, South Africa

As the largest casino on the African continent and fifth largest in the world, this massive carnival-themed venue has over 250 games machines, 12 poker tables and two contemporary restaurants.

10. Vernons Online Casino

Finally, the last entry on our list doesn’t even require leaving the comfort of your couch. If you’re looking for an online casino Vernons is the best around. With a gaming history dating back to 1923, this online giant offers everything from football pools to roulette, blackjack and slots.

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