Top Springtime Activities in Lapland

The largest and northernmost region of Finland is also one of the country’s most fascinating, as Lapland is an area that dramatically changes depending on the season.

Famous for being the home of Santa Claus, Lapland is an arctic wilderness that is often described as the land of eight seasons. But these variable and distinctive weather patterns showcase the region’s outstanding natural beauty in truly breath taking ways.




One of the most popular times of year for Lapland breaks is the spring, as nature begins to wake up after the cold winter and tourists can enjoy a wealth of different experiences and activities.



Spring is arguably the best time of year to go skiing in Lapland thanks to the excellent conditions. With an abundance of snow still on the ground, the sunnier and milder days soften up the pistes perfectly for a thoroughly enjoyable time on the slopes.

The ‘Big Four’ snow resorts are Levi, Ylläs, Pyhä-Luosto and Ruka and all of them feature slope lengths of up to three kilometres so they are suitable for all abilities.

But if you’d prefer to try an alternative to downhill skiing, consider cross-country skiing. Once again, conditions are fantastic and extensive routes can be found throughout prominent holiday resorts and tree lined national parks. Although it might not be as exciting or exhilarating as downhill, cross-country skiing is a superb aerobic workout that burns fat, builds muscles and cleanses the mind.



A third of Finland’s population go fishing in their spare time and as such, it is one of the country’s most beloved recreational activities. Thankfully, it can be enjoyed all year round, but fishing styles and underwater species will depend on the season.

In spring, many lakes remain frozen right through until April, but with just a rod, tackle, bait and container to store fish, you can still make a big catch or two. You’re most likely to come across perches, pikes, roaches and pikeperch, with some fish growing up to 10 kilos.

The best part of all? Without the need to purchase a permit, you can go fishing almost anywhere.



Whether the snow has thawed or not, hiking is yet another invigorating activity. Along with getting some exercise, you can take in Lapland’s stunning scenery, natural beauty and enchanting wildlife at your leisure.

Step back in time and discover how natives used to walk across this vast region by going snowshoeing. Even though skis and snowmobiles have made travelling around Lapland much easier, more and more people are participating in snowshoeing as an adventure activity. You can either take a tour with an experienced guide or embark on one of several marked trails.

But when the sun begins to appear once again, more conventional hiking trips can be made. The Pyhätunturi National Park has numerous routes for all abilities, while the Luosto district is another popular hiking area.

So from skiing to fishing and hiking, there are plenty of springtime activities on offer in Lapland. With thrilling experiences and more casual pastimes available, you don’t have to be a child to enjoy this part of the world!



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