Top 5 iPhone apps for killing time during those long journeys

There’s no doubt that the Apple App Store boasts an extensive collection of apps, and that you may feel spoilt for choice. With this in mind, we’ve made a list of the five best and most useful iOS apps for killing the time for the long journeys.



LuckyTrip is an exciting app for those who love to travel during the summer months (or any time of year). All you do is enter how much money you would like to spend on your next trip and the app will take just seconds to return destinations, as well as flight details and places to stay.

If you like to be spontaneous when making travel plans, LuckyTrip is perfect. It’s also a great time-saver because, as stated in a 2014 article from the Daily Mail, the average Briton spends 30 hours preparing for a holiday!

UEFA Euro 2016 Official App


If you love football, you’re no doubt looking forward to Euro 2016 this summer. During a whole month of action from June 10 – July 10, you can use this app to keep track of it all. It’s available now, and offers all the latest player info, team news, schedules and more. So even if you can’t watch the game, you can follow the scores and news wherever you are in the world.

Red Flush Casino

If you love casinos, but don’t want to be shut away indoors while the sun is shining, this app allows you to bring the fun outdoors on your iPhone! With its maroon theme, the app has a familiar appearance and clear, easy-to-use layout.

This app gives you access to play Red Flush mobile casino games wherever you are, well if its legal in the country. It has a host of games including all your favourites, Roulette, Blackjack and more themed slots you can shake a stick at. There is no native download on the Apple App Store as gameplay occurs over the mobile internet using HTML5 mark-up. Instead, you can download the app using the Red Flush Casino website.

BBC Music

The BBC has the TV rights to a bunch of music festivals over the summer, including Glastonbury and Reading/Leeds. As a result, the BBC Music app gives you exclusive access to live music. This allows you to stay in touch with all your favourite bands live while you are the other side of the world. You can also find and listen to radio sessions, interviews, playlists and more.


Movesum is the perfect companion app for any traveller. It is a unique take on a step tracker that shows you how many steps you must take to burn off the calories from different foods; so if you’ve over-indulged at a particular restaurant don’t worry Just atone for it the next day by finding out how much exploring you will have to do to burn the calories off.


Its no-nonsense real-world information and clean interface make it a breeze to use; if you find run-of-the-mill step trackers boring, then the Movesum app may be for you.


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