Top 5 Digital Marketing Guidelines For The Travel Industry


Ever since the internet first became a reality, travelers have dramatically changed the way they research travel destinations and look for special deals. The days of people visiting physical travel agencies is coming to an end, because it’s simply become far more efficient to use an online website or phone app instead.

As a result of this trend, hotels, airlines, travel agencies, and other business in the travel industry have had to turn to digital marketing to draw in more customers. If you run a website in the travel industry yourself, here are the top five digital marketing guidelines for you to follow:

Improve Your Website

While this may sound generic, it’s too true to not be mentioned. The amount of time it takes for the average person to decide to leave or stay on a website is only fifteen seconds or less, which gives you can incredibly short window to impress them. Similarly, hire a content writer who can help you figure out how to make the most of your words. Users don’t always want to read a ton of longform content.

As long as your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, is slow, hard to navigate, or just isn’t visually appealing, people will click out. In contrast to this, peruse the most popular travel websites right now, and you’ll notice they’re rich with stunning destination images, are easy to navigate on a phone, and have plenty of pages to help the user find what they’re looking for.

Invite Customers to Write Reviews

Reviews are huge for digital marketing because people trust them. Even if they see you only have a couple of four or five star reviews, they’ll still be much more likely to keep searching your site than if you had no reviews at all.

For this reason, encourage your satisfied customers to write up a quick review of their experiences with your service. As a general rule of thumb, expect around ten to fifteen percent of all customers you ask to oblige, so you want to make sure you politely ask as many customers as you can. 

Promote Your Website On Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter give you the perfect opportunity to market your website in a variety of ways. You can post beautiful images of destinations and hotels to get people to click links, hold contests with special prizes, and interact directly with users on the comments section.

Optimize Your SEO Campaign

The heart and soul of digital marketing is your SEO campaign, so there if there’s any part of your SEO efforts that could be better, get on it immediately. The best way to determine this will be to use a website SEO checker, as it will generate reports to inform you what the specific strengths and weaknesses of your SEO campaign are.

Show Your Customers You Care

Above all, you need to show your customers that you care about them. By personalizing each individual customer, you will forge a relationship with them and they’ll be back for your services later.

Target your e-mail marketing efforts to specific demographics and show the customer that you can guess what they want. If a customer booked a flight for four from you last year, for example, you would be wise to offer them family discounts rather than a couples only coupon.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

In this day and age, digital marketing is practically the only way you can be successful in the travel industry. The good news is if you can effectively apply the tips you’ve learned in this guide, you’ll be able to boost the number of people visiting your website each day and bring in more revenue as a result.

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