Tips and Tech That Will Make Your Next Trip a Better One

Room for Improvement Next Time:

We all have some disappointing trips. The destination did not live up to expectations, or we got sick, or everything just seemed to go wrong. The trick is not to be disheartened, but to learn from minor disasters, so that we can face the next journey with a bit more experience under the belt and a bit more savvy under the hat.

Don’t Waste Your Money

Saving money is a constant issue for travelers. It begins with the flight. Do not believe anyone who tells you that there is a certain way to get the lowest fares. Airline pricing algorithms are so sophisticated today that it is almost impossible to predict when they will be cheapest.

The same goes for upgrades. The airlines have their system and they stick to it. For most people, the best chance of an upgrade is to offer to stand down from an overbooked flight in return for an upgrade on the next one.

It is always worth using a service like Skyscanner to find the best deals on flights, hotels, and car hire. Some people recommend clearing your cookies when doing repeated searches so that the engines do not know that you really want this flight/hotel/car and put the price up accordingly.

Don’t Risk Your Health

Many a vacation or business trip is ruined by getting sick. It starts on the plane, so be careful about what you eat and drink. It may pay to use a sanitizer before you handle the food. Many experienced travelers avoid alcohol on board; flying is very dehydrating and alcohol doesn’t help.

Exercise is important. Keep your muscles active on the plane, by tensing and relaxing your limbs, and rolling your shoulders and neck. On the ground, walk as much as possible and use the stairs rather than the lifts. An app like Fitstar will help you to keep up a daily exercise routine.

Relate your activity to the weather conditions. You could use this weather app from Apalon to predict the weather patterns and help you decide the best time to exercise.

Protect Your Possessions

Losing things can be a real problem. If you are not good with keys, a keyless Bluetooth lock which you open from your phone is a good security device. If you tend to mislay things, the Chipolo Plus is a clever gadget which you can attach to anything you need; when you lose it you can call it from your phone and it will emit a sound. It will also work the other way round and find your phone for you.

Looking after your stuff often begins with correct packing. A well-designed bag can make all the difference by padding vulnerable items and properly separating liquids from things that could be damaged by them.

Enjoy Every Trip

Traveling is a skill which develops with practice. Learning from your mistakes, in this as in every skill, is the way to make sure that each trip is better than the last.

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