Tips for Visiting Sin City

Las Vegas is a must-visit destination. It’s fun, bright and has something for everyone. Book a flight with flythomascook and then plan your visit with these handy tips in mind.


photo credit: Justin in SD via photopin cc

photo credit: Justin in SD via photopin cc

1. Stay Mid-Week. If you’re visiting Las Vegas on a budget, your best bet is to stay mid-week. Prices for hotel rooms are incredible reasonable from Sunday to Thursday nights. You can stay in a four-star hotel such as Planet Hollywood for as little as $60 a night! Come on the weekend and you’ll spend about three times the price for your accommodation.

2. Get Away from The Strip. There’s more to Vegas than in the infamous Strip. Further up Las Vegas Boulevard you’ll find “Downtown” Vegas which is grittier, more old school but just as cool. You can stay in a cheap, older hotel like the El Cortez for under $30 a night! Fremont Street is a great drawcard for visiting Downtown. Come in the evening and let the overhead canopy of light dazzle you, see street performers and eat a “heart attack” burger.

3. Join the Players’ Clubs. All the casinos have a Players Club. Signing up will give you instant access to free gaming credits, usually $10-20, and the opportunity to win prizes like spa and buffet passes.

4. Book shows last minute. Discount ticket booths are located up and down The Strip. You can pick up a same-day show ticket for less than 50% off the sticker price.

5. Pick the right season. Summer in Las Vegas is brutally hot with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees celsius on a daily basis. Even if you plan to spend all day by the pool, you’ll still roast. Shoulder months like May and October are much more agreeable. Vegas can also get surprisngly cold in the Winter months

6. Bring plenty of dollar bills. No, not for exotic dancers…  you’ll need to tip often in the resorts and casinos. While you’re gaming, the drinks are free and cocktail waitresses bring your beverage right to your slot machine or blackjack table. You’ll need to tips then $1-2 for every beverage. Tip them more if you want them to come back to you more frequently.

7. Pack an empty suitcase. There’s a lot of shopping to be done in Las Vegas and it’s all cheap. There are two outlet malls with stores selling discounted designer labels like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren plus the ubiquitous “Ross Dress for Less” consignment stores which have rows upon rows of bargain threads.

8. Ride the bus. Traffic on The Strip can be miserable and getting a taxi can be impossible, especially in hot weather. The Deuce is a double-decker bus running up and down The Strip regularly and can be quicker than waiting for a cab and battling the traffic. It’s cheap too!

9. Plan a day trip. If you’re only in the US for a short amount of time you can easily manage a day trip away from Las Vegas to see something more of the country. The Grand Canyon can be easily reached by tour bus, hire car or helicopter in a day. Another option is to head towards Palm Springs and take in the stunning Joshua Tree National Park.

10. Set a gambling budget. It’s important to set a budget for yourself if you want to hit the casino floor. Get a limited amount of cash out and leave credit & debit cards in your room so you’re not tempted. Start with cheap tables if you’re just getting used to the casino games and do a bit of research beforehand on how to play games like craps and blackjack.

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