Tips for Travelling with Kids

“Are we nearly there yet?!”

How many times on average do you hear this from your little darlings during the course of a journey?


Family holidays are joyous occasions, after all, this is where childhood memories are made, and often these are the kind of memories that stay with us forever. Despite this, the actual getting from A to B part of the equation can be a little stressful at best, and downright stressful at worst. Thankfully there are a few tactics for travelling with kids we can use to reduce the stress, keep everyone’s blood pressure down, and make the whole travelling experience smooth and even enjoyable.


Take your time

Leave in plenty of time to get to your destination, and if that involves a flight, consider driving to the airport yourself and stopping en-route, to chill the situation out. There’s nothing more stressful than rushing around.


Book hotels/transport ahead of time

If you know your hotel is booked, or your transfer is sorted, you’ll be calmer, and as a result your children will be calmer, plus it’s extra peace of mind, and you might save money by booking early.


Be prepared for the weather

Do a little research and pack accordingly.


Load up that iPad/tablet/phone

Whereas it used to be all about a sticker book, these days you can lose your child’s attention for hours with a loaded iPad/tablet/phone. For a bit of peace and quiet, charge it up before you leave, load it up with plentiful apps, and when things get a bit stressful, let them loose with it. Calmness will prevail.


Say no to bugs

We all know that kids are the first ones to pick up pesky bugs, and then they whip around the family like wildfire. Carry antibacterial gel at all times, use it, especially after using public toilets, and make sure you have a first aid kit with you, full of medicines you might need, such as anti-diarrhoea tablets, travel sickness medication, Paracetamol, plasters, antihistamines etc.


Avoid the additives 

Try and steer clear of sweets full of additives and E numbers, to keep everyone calm and off the ceiling. Instead stick to fruit and juice. If you’re at the airport, consider going for a family meal whilst you’re waiting to go to your boarding gate, to instil a bit of routine and make sure every gets a good feed.


In case of delays, get creative

Delays do unfortunately happen, so in that case you need to keep the activities coming to starve off boredom and frustration. Anything will do, even eye spy, but have a few tricks up your sleeve just in case.


And finally …


Stay calm!

You are Yoda, remember this when things get a little stressful. You are calm, you are centred, and you are going on holiday!

photo credit: greekadman via photopin cc

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