Tips for first time visits to New York

New York, New York!

Who doesn’t dream of visiting this iconic skyline city of the Big Apple?

Well, most people wouldn’t turn down the opportunity! Despite that, it can be daunting when planning such a trip, especially considering the size of the place, and just how busy it can get. Often traffic in central New York can be horrendous, we’ve all seen it on TV, but to see it in person is really something else.

Despite the scale of the place, when you break information down into bite size chunks, you come to realise that it’s just a city, and a city that is not only welcoming, but also very easy to navigate.


How to get from the airport

Once you land in New York, be it at JFK Airport or Newark, your first quandary will be how to get from the airport into the city, to your hotel. If there are several of you, then splitting the cost of a taxi will be the cheapest and quickest way to get to your destination, and you’ll find plentiful taxis outside the arrivals terminal. Alternatively, there are also regular buses that run from the main terminals into the city centre for a much lower price tag. It all depends on how long you’ve been travelling for, and how keen you are to get to your bed!


How to get around

You might dream of sitting in a yellow cab, the window wound down, the wind in your hair, looking at the passing city, however the reality is that you probably won’t be moving very fast at all, because of the traffic! This is all part of New York life. The subway offers an authentic New Yorker way of getting around the city, and this is probably the cheapest way to travel, at around $2.50! Alternatively, there are plentiful buses, mainly arriving at Port Authority or Penn Station.

China Town, East Village, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side, Harlem, Coney Island, Manhattan Island … make your to-do list and get exploring.


What to see in New York

The list of attractions and places to visit in New York really does go on and on, so it’s probably a better idea to make a list and work your way through it. The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Central Park, Rockefeller Centre, and Times Square are probably the most famous attractions that most visitors want to see on their first visit. Add to that the museums and galleries, such as MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), and the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art), and the shopping heavy weights of Macy’s, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Barney’s New York, and Bloomingdales … as well as countless other attractions. It’s impossible to list them all.


Where to stay

If it’s your first visit to New York, pick somewhere central. It can be daunting getting around a new city, and if you’re a little jetlagged, trying to cram a lot into a short space of time, and not entirely sure of your surroundings, being in a central position will not only be easier to find, but also work out cheaper when you factor in taxis/subway/buses. You’ll find countless large hotels on the main city streets, and if you book early you can usually find a good deal. You could even grab yourself a hotel overlooking the green Central Park view.


New York, New York? Well, it is a city and a half, and then some. Get out, explore, and live it.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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