Thrill Seekers: Canada’s Best Roller Coasters According To JustFly



Canada is often thought of as a place where you go to relax. With some of North America’s most beautiful parks, mountain ranges, and forests it comes as little surprise that Canada is often pigeonholed as a refuge for campers, hikers, and outdoorsmen. But, what you may not know is that Canada also features some of the most spellbinding roller coasters on the planet. From coast to coast, Canadian theme parks have pushed the envelope in regards to drops, spins, and flips, culminating in some of the world’s biggest and best thrills you can get in a theme park. In order to to learn more about some of Canada’s highlights I spoke with the online travel company JustFly. They provided me with a list of the three best coasters in Canada.


Located at Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Leviathan was opened in 2012 to much excitement at Canada’s largest and most famous theme park according to JustFly’s review. Topping out at a height of  306 feet and reaching speeds of up to 92 miles an hour, Leviathan, considered a “Giga coaster” in the eyes of coaster enthusiasts, is by both height and distance travelled the biggest roller coaster in Canada. In terms of world rankings, it ranks as the world’s 8th fastest and tallest coaster. It was so highly anticipated that anxious riders bid for seats on the first ride, raising $40,000 for charity, with the top seat costing $1,000.


Calling Montreal’s La Ronde home, Goliath was once Canada’s most intense coaster. Measuring 178 feet tall and topping out at 68.4 miles per hour, Goliath was eventually replaced by Behemoth, which is located at Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto. The ride itself covers over 4000 feet and is soon to also feature a virtual reality experience according to JustFly.


Something you don’t see too often anymore if the mythical indoor roller coaster. Well, now you know that Canada has the world’s largest one. Located at Galaxyland Amusement Park inside West Edmonton Mall, Mindbender is a triple loop indoor roller coaster. Having been around since 1986, it goes to show you how intense this coaster is if it hasn’t yet been topped. While not as fast, tall, or long as the previously listed coasters, Mindbender gets top marks for being an intense ride that features many twisting drops, three vertical loops, and double upward helix.

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