Things to do in Barbados with Kids

Photo Credit: Ben124. via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Ben124. via photopin cc

Before kids, a Caribbean vacation probably meant relaxing all day on the beach with a drink in your hand. Even with this image of the Caribbean, the region is actually a very great family vacation destination, especially when it comes to the island of Barbados. Here you’ll find activities that appeal to kids of all ages and even a few that mom and dad might like too. Choose a great hotel like Crystal Cove Hotel Barbados and keep every family member happy on your vacation.

Submarine Trip

There are very few kids that would turn down a ride in a real submarine! This unique underwater attraction lets kids and adults explore the ocean’s depths, seeing exotic fish, coral, and even an old shipwreck. Atlantis Adventures is the company that runs the submarine tours, with both daytime and nighttime departures.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

If your kids like animals, head over to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. The reserve is located in a mahogany forest filled with animals ranging from monkeys to pythons. The best part about the reserve is the way you can get up close and personal with the animals as they roam freely around the park. Obviously a few of the animals are in cages, like the python, but in general, most are roaming free and during feeds, you can get especially close. Kids love it but just make sure they don’t try and touch or feed the animals.

Harrison’s Cave

Another great attraction for kids is Harrison’s Cave, a 160 deep complex of interconnected caverns. The cave is toured on an electric tram which takes you through all the cave’s interesting formations, including a stop at an underground waterfall. At one point on the ride, the tram conductor will flip off all the lights to let you experience the true darkness of the caverns. Kids who are especially afraid of the dark might not like that last part but older kids usually love the spooky feeling.

Catamaran or Sailboat Tours

No visit to Barbados would be complete without a little time spent on the water. Look into booking a catamaran or sailboat tour for the chance to get a closer look at the ocean and its wildlife. Most trips are a few hours long, so if your kid is sensitive to seasickness it might not be the best idea. However, the rocking boat is often worth it and many tours even stop to let you stop to swim with turtles. For pirate fans, check out the tours by Black Pearl Party Cruises, which take place on old pirate-style ships.


An obvious highlight of any trip to Barbados is some time spent at the beach. Both adults and kids will love the crystal clear Caribbean waters, clean, soft sands, and watersport activities. If you have younger children, the west coast beaches are the best with warm, calm waters.

Resort’s Kids Club

After a few days of kid-friendly Barbados, you might really be craving some adult time. Thankfully many of the resorts in Barbados offer Kids Clubs, which entertain your kids with fun games, activities, and adventures while the grownups have some alone time. This is far more than glorified babysitting though with most Kids Clubs offering unique activities and a chance for your kids to meet other kids vacationing on the island.

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