The Many Faces of Prague


Romantic yet vibrant

What do you think of when you picture Prague? For many it would probably first be the cheap price of food and drinks, which makes Prague a popular destination for stag dos, for newlyweds to be the world over, ready to let their hair down ‘one last time’.

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is busy yet seems to have a calm vibe about it, until night falls that is, when the crowds come out and the city comes to life. In the day however, a totally different story indeed.

Prague is a medieval city, and the architecture shows this as a first stand point. Nicknamed the City of a Hundred Spires, the Church of St Nicholas in Lesser Town is probably one of the most beautiful churches in the world, designed in classical baroque style, fitting in perfectly with the rest of the buildings around it. Baroque style is actually very dominant in Prague, and the Old Town Square set in the centre of the historic quarter of town shows gothic buildings and the world famous medieval astronomical clock.

Charles Bridge is a must visit, decorated with statues of over 30 different saints – perfect for an afternoon’s walk. On top of this, the winding lanes of the Jewish Quarter are great for getting a little lost without realising it, and Prague Castle too. To finish off your sightseeing, a cruise along the Vltava River, which cuts through Prague, will show you the city sights from a different view point.

Of course, we can’t avoid the nightlife side of things, and we mentioned the popularity of stag dos in Prague. Why? You would think such a romantic and beautiful city wouldn’t be something that anyone would first think of when it comes to letting hair down and going, well, a little mental. Well, whilst that is true, there is the very low cost of alcohol, especially bottled beer, which makes Prague a target for grooms to be and their mates on a bit of a bender. If you want to avoid it, basically look for the crowds and avoid them, because Prague has enough small cocktail bars and chic restaurants to mean there is room for everyone.

Prague is affordable, and that runs from accommodation, to the cheap flights that run from major UK cities. Easy Jet are one low cost carrier who run cheap flights to Prague, so it’s often cheaper to head to the Czech Republic than it is to head to your own capital city on the train!

If you’re looking for somewhere cheap, cheerful, vibrant, historic, and downright beautiful, then it has to be Prague.

Photo Credit: Miroslav Petrasko

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