The Five Best Spots to Enjoy the Mediterranean

Whether you choose to travel around several Mediterranean countries via either train, with the popular interrailing option, or via for a cruise around several countries and islands within the space of a week or two, or whether you decide to book a holiday base in one particular destination, and explore every nook and cranny, the Mediterranean is bursting with stunning locations. 


There is a country and destination for every taste within this beautiful and relaxing part of the world. Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, Croatia, Malta … the list goes on, and these all make up this laid-back region. Each destination, let alone each country, has a different vibe and way of life, which is what makes interrailing, and especially cruising, so attractive, because you can see several within a short space of time.


Of course, throughout so many destinations, some are more popular than others, with good reason. Let’s look at just five of the most popular, and most beautiful spots to kick back, relax, and enjoy the Mediterranean.



Picture the scene – blue domed, white-watched churches, high on hills, with a cloudless blue sky above, and sparkling ocean before you. It’s no wonder this is a top destination for weddings, as well as holidays. A laid-back vibe will greet you in Santorini, with a true Greek way of life all around, despite the high tourism. High in natural beauty, history and architecture, as well as romance and luxury. Quite the classy destination.



The classy French Riviera offers a laid-back alternative to some of the busier Mediterranean resorts, and those in the South of France, however it lacks nothing in term of sophistication, beauty, or activities. The resort has retained much of its old charm, which is part of its appeal, with old, cobbled streets and buildings to match. This is a good choice for anyone seeking a break from hustle and bustle.



The jewel in the Croatian Dalmatian Coast is hugely popular these days, and is now a regular on cruise itineraries, with good reason. Unspoilt, due to its up and coming nature, you’ll find stunning beaches, relaxation and again, sophistication, as well as history and architecture in abundance.



Malta’s quieter neighbour, still part of the Malta chain of islands, Gozo will show you an authentic Mediterranean lifestyle, which gives you a precious insight into daily life. Quiet, peaceful, and a chance to take a lungful of fresh air, within a beautiful surrounding, Gozo is close enough to Malta, and easily accessible, if you want to sample the nightlife of Gozo’s neighbour, but far enough away to experience true peace.



Most people know Sicily because of its rather ferocious resident, Mount Etna, the huge volcano on the island. Despite this, Sicily is a hugely popular, and very beautiful, island to visit, and really does have completely different landscapes within a short distance. The beaches are striking and beautiful, some with black volcanic sand, and the capital, Palmero, is a must visit.


There are countless other Mediterranean destinations, and where you head depends on your personality and what you want to see, however countless people can’t be wrong, and our list showcases the best of the Mediterranean.


photo credit: mariusz kluzniak via photopin cc

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