The 5 Best Rail Journeys in Europe

 Getting around Europe by rail is a fantastic way to experience different landscapes and countries for little cost and much comfort. Interrailing is becoming increasingly popular, with Italy a top destination to explore by train, however there are legendary rail journeys that should always be explored above all others.


The Trans-Siberian Railway – Moscow to Vladivostok, Russia

19 days

Russia is half in Europe, so this is still a European rail journey! The famous one, taking you through stunning natural landscapes and eight different time zones. Travel in comfort and upgrade to a private car, and take land excursions during your journey to explore further.


The Orient Express – London to Venice 

2 days

Transport yourself back in time to the classy 1920s with the sophisticated and opulent sleeping cars of the Orient Express. Who hasn’t heard of this famous train? Guests are required to get seriously glammed up for dinner, whilst passing through some of the most breathtaking scenery Europe has to offer.


Danube Express – London to Istanbul, Via Budapest

8 days

Meet your train in Budapest and hurtle through Transylvania, stopping at several towns and cities along the way, experiencing the historic way of life, before finally coming to a stop in Istanbul, the beautiful, glittering jewel in the Turkish crown.


Bergen Line – Oslo to Bergen, Norway

9 hours

Travel down the world’s steeped railway line, through rugged mountains and the stunning Hardangervidda Plateau from the capital city, to the picturesque stop point of Bergen. Passing through nature at its very best, with soaring green countryside, this is a journey best taken in summer to truly appreciate the passing landscapes.


West Highland Line – Fort William to Mallaig, Scotland

1 and a half hours

Another journey best taken during the summer months, to get the best of the breathtaking scenery, this famous steam train has an alter ego – it was used as the Hogwart’s Express in Harry Potter! Passing through the Highlands, taking in Ben Nevis, lochs and green, green hills, this is a breathtaking trip.


Any long-distance rail journey through Europe will be rewarding, and the differing landscapes will make for more than a few camera moments. As we mentioned, interrailing is becoming increasingly popular, and a good way to see a lot in a short space of time. However, these famous journeys are what kicked off this new trend, and continue to be hugely popular even today.


photo credit: Boccaccio1 via photopin cc

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