Taking Mystery Trips

Recently, many adventurous travellers have opted to go on Mystery Trips. But what are these Mystery Trips all about? Simply put, Mystery Trips are short trips to an unknown destination. Travel consultants put together an itinerary to a mysterious location for tourists, who only have to figure out when they want to go on holiday. These types of trips are very popular in Britain, Australia and the UK, where companies offer different types of packages depending on how many days you’ve set aside for travel.


photo credit: Umang Dutt via photopin cc

photo credit: Umang Dutt via photopin cc



But what are the pros and cons of such trips?

For starters, Mystery Trips are not for everyone. You have to be adventurous enough to let someone pick your destination, flight, accommodation and itinerary for you. Control freaks might find it difficult to let someone else plan all the important aspects of a holiday. However, if you are adventurous, and if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to book a flight and find a hotel room, then it’s easier for you to let someone else do all the hard work in your place. Plus, you’ll most likely end up visiting a place you’ve never thought of before and enjoy it!

Mystery Trips are also suited for people who simply don’t have enough time to plan their own holiday because of their jobs, or people who are thinking of taking some time off at the last minute. Also, these types of trips are extremely popular among honeymooners who are too overwhelmed with plans for their wedding to think about organizing a trip. The fact that the destination is unknown only adds to the excitement. However, it can be a cause of some concerned because the travel consultant might pick a destination you really don’t want to visit.  Fortunately, you can let the consultant know if there is a place you don’t want to go to. That way, you will avoid travelling to a location which isn’t high on your priority list or a place you’ve already seen before. At the same time, others might be worried that they won’t like the restaurants and activities on the itinerary. That can also be easily solved if you let the travel consultant know ahead of time that you want to be in charge of planning your own activities and meals.

Going on a mystery trip is all about experiencing and discovering new places that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider. Here are a few websites which you can visit if you’re considering a holiday to an unknown destination: If you live in Australia you can schedule a mystery trip from any major city at Mystery Trips. If you want to travel to a secret location in Britain, you can visit Shearings to plan a mystery trip, or if you live in the US you can sign up for trips abroad at Magical Mystery Tours. Finally, American Express’s Nextpedition offers the same types of trips for American Express clients around the world.

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