Something a Little Different?


If you are bored of the regular holiday package deal, and you’re aching to try something totally different, something to really get your teeth into, you are spoilt for choice in terms of options to try. One idea you might not have tried is a road trip, not on four weeks, but two!

If you choose a motorcycle tour with Vintage Rides, not only are you getting to enjoy the freedom of the open road, a new destination, and everything thrilling that comes along with it, but you are also enjoying the new thrill of a motorcycle adventure, which let’s face it, really is a new kind of adrenaline boost.

You can choose from a variety of different destinations, but all within the Asian region. This means culture in abundance, colour, smells, tastes, and true assaults on the senses in the best possible way. You can choose one of several motorcycle tours in India, or even Thailand, for example, and get to explore these iconic and cultural lands in a new and exciting way.

India has long been a backpacking favourite, somewhere which begs to be explored and discovered. From the soaring mountains towards Kilimanjaro, to the mystical lands of Rajasthan, further to the south towards the beaches of Goa, and even beyond, India is packed with things to see and do. Many people don’t venture further than Delhi, or the Taj Mahal, but India is a huge country, and only concentrating your time and efforts on a small part of it means you are seriously missing out.

Because of the sheer size, and the many different types of terrain, visiting with a large company, with years of experience is the best way forward. Vintage Rides have been putting together these bespoke tours for years, and their local guides are fantastic for learning something new. You can join an organised tour group, meeting new likeminded people along the way, or you can organise your own private tour, with friends and family. The itineraries are carefully planned, to ensure that you get to see the best of the region, without wasting time on roads which basically lead nowhere exciting!

So, if you’re bored of the usual package holiday, you’ve had it with city breaks, and you’re really not feeling the love for another normal road trip, then a motorcycle tour really could be just the break you need, taking you off the beaten track, and letting the wind whip around your face as you explore these mystical and exciting lands.

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