Quick Queenstown Travel Itinerary for First Timers


There’s a plethora of options when traveling into Queenstown. You can simply fly from Australia or most parts of New Zealand. During clear days, you’ll have the privilege of observing the large mountains looming below as your plane passes between them. You’ll get to see the amazing, turquoise Lake Wakatipu that looks so surreal in daylight.

Upon arriving, you can get overwhelmed with all the fun activities waiting to be experienced. Queenstown, after all, has everything to satisfy any type of adventurer from any parts of the world.

If you’re to maximize your stay, you should apply for car hire in Queenstown in advance before you visit. Unlike most cities in New Zealand, it’s particularly difficult to explore Queensland without a personal transportation. With so many areas to explore, you’ll love the freedom of being behind the wheel as you take in the beauty of Queenstown.

If you’re staying for a short time, say only 3 days, then here are the activities you shouldn’t miss:

Enjoy the night life. As you might already know, Queenstown is fairly small, yet a busy town. There’s only a handful of main roads. Regardless, you’ll find over 30 bars, each with their own unique personality that will draw any crowd. For a quiet and cosy night, consider Pog Mahones, The Whiskey House, Brass, or other pubs. Most of these locations have live bands as well.

If you’re looking for a night of clubbing, then look no further than Winnies, Buffalos, or Altitude, which boasts affordable drink specials and theme nights like Ginger Night or Jelly Wrestling. Regardless of your destination, just remember to bring an ID card, especially if you do look young for your age.

Experience Milford Sound. For this, you may ride a helicopter, take a cruise, or a plane ride through some of the mot mind-blowing areas you’ll ever see. You’ll be awed by the magnificent waterfalls, exquisite greenery and the luxurious nature. In the Fiordlands, you’ll behold the images that you may have only seen in movies. An added bonus if you get behind the wheel to go over these areas. Nothing like stopping temporarily to stare at a beautiful piece of heaven.

Go skiing or snowboarding. You’ll love traveling here during the winter. Queensland is a famous ski resort, and it’s what drives the town. People flock from near and far to chase the powder June to September. There’s fun to have with the Coronet Peak so close by and Cadrona not too far in Wanaka. If it’s summer, go on one of the many hikes. Venture to the top of Queenstown Hill and see the stunning views of the lake on a sunny day. You may also climb the hill using the gondola. Why not do the extreme and take one of the daredevil biking trails back down? However you do it, it’s a must to see the views of Queenstown from above. You’ll feel like you are watching a land from another world.

There’s so many things to experience in Queenstown. There are experiences like Lord of the Rings tour, Frisbee golf, multi-day hiking, or lake swimming. In fact, it’s no surprise if you ever decide to live here. Just remember, to make the most of your experience and limited time, book in advance a car hire Queenstown. Have fun and enjoy your adventure!


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