Quick Guide to Thailand

Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

The Kingdom of Thailand is an exciting place for visitors to explore. The country boasts a richly diverse landscape, which includes tropical islands complete with beautiful sandy beaches, dense jungles, vibrant cities and mountain villages. Here are just a few things that first time visitors to Thailand should consider before planning their trip

Getting around

Thailand’s various destinations can be reached by bus or train, although the sheer size of the country can make cross country journeys rather slow. Direct Phuket flights are available from a number of countries; as such, visiting this province is very easy. Most other major cities in Thailand such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai also boast international airports and travelling by air is a quick and fairly cheap way to get around.

Thailand Language

Thai is a tonal language and many people Westerners find it difficult to master at first. English is widely spoken in touristy areas of the country, although people who take the time to learn a few basic sentences in Thai will find that they receive a much warmer welcome. In remote parts of the country few Thai people speak English and anyone who is planning on spending time in these areas should consider taking a short Thai course before leaving home.

Thai food

Thailand is famous for its rich and delicious cuisine and there are dozens of great dishes that are just waiting to be sampled by food lovers. However, most Thai dishes tend to be extremely and can be a little overwhelming for visitors, even if they have a love for spicy food. It is a good idea to request that dishes are made ‘not too’ spicy, as extra spice can always be added afterwards.


Both day and night markets can be found in most parts of Thailand and are great places to browse for bargains. It is worth noting that the bartering system is usually practiced at these markets and people who are able to barter in a fun and friendly way can walk away with some great deals.


Thai people are generally very friendly and happy to help visitors feel comfortable. However, inexperienced travellers may want to consider hiring a guide, especially if they are planning on venturing away from tourist areas. Hiring a local guide can help the trip go much more smoothly, while the guide can also provide interesting information about various places.

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