Preparing to Take a Trip

Holidays are all about excitement, adventure and exploration, with of course a spot of relaxation thrown in for good measure. Wherever you choose to jet off to, getting all your travel plans, holiday insurance and other extras all into place well beforehand will mean more time to plan what you fancy doing during your break, and which excursions you might like to go on.

Starting off your holiday tired and ratty is never a good way to begin, so to conquer that I usually book a hotel the night before I travel. This enables me to get a good night’s sleep, gather my thoughts, relax, and eases the worry about not getting to the airport on time. Last time I travelled I booked into one of the hotels near Manchester Airport, and the experience was not only seriously good for my purse, but also enhanced my travel day beyond measure. I like to begin my holiday the second I leave the house, not two days after I arrive when I’ve recovered from the travel stress!

Of course, being up to date with information also helps to calm down any jitters, as well as giving valuable information on not only your flight and destination, but also the airport facilities, and the correct terminal you need. I am flying from Luton next week, and I plan to check up to date information on Luton Airport departures in the days leading up to my flight. I do this regardless of where I’m flying from, because I’m firmly of the opinion that you can never be too well informed, and this helps me chill out and look forward to my break.

Another thing I always do pre-holiday is hit the internet and find out what trips are available from my destination. I like to get out and explore, as I find resorts can be quite samey after a while, yet the countryside and important sights around them are often rich in history and beauty. Even if it’s just a boat trip you consider going on, do it, because you’ll have a totally different experience to lying by the pool, or on the beach.

If you’ve booked a package holiday, you will probably be asked to attend a welcome meeting, where your rep will give you all sorts of information on excursions. They are of course trying to sell them to you, but I would recommend waiting a little while. It’s a good idea to go to the meeting to get the information, but then take a wander on the streets and see if you can get the same trip cheaper from a street vendor. If not, by all means book with your rep, but don’t jump too quickly.

An excursion or two will enhance your holiday, especially if it’s a beach break you’re going on, and will mix up your days, ensuring you experience much more for your money.

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