Not a Care in the World

Welcome to the Seychelles

Imagine floating on a bed of clouds, feeling totally weightless, without a care in the world, no worries, no doubts, no need to think, just time to be.

This is what the Seychelles feels like.

This island archipelago in the middle of the glittering Indian Ocean is home to some of the world’s most unusual and colourful underwater characters, making it a fantastic choice for anyone who enjoys scuba diving and snorkelling, however it’s not all about the underwater residents. Every single island which makes up this 100 island chain has character and natural wonders to explore on land too, making it the perfect choice for a rest and relaxation break.

A simple search will bring up many results for totally chilled-out luxury holidays to the Seychelles, and for anyone seeking total solace and tranquillity there is no better choice on the planet. A popular honeymoon spot, your holiday can be tailor-made for special occasions, or simply go with the flow to enjoy all the beautiful natural wonders this part of the world calls its own.

Where to stay is basically down to your personal choice, but Mahe is the largest and most popular island in the chain, with Victoria a must visit, with its bustling traditional market to explore, as well as stunning views to take in. Of course, if you prefer something a little smaller and more castaway in its appearance then Curieuse Island should be visited, feeling almost like you couldn’t get further from hustle and bustle if you tried! Digue is home to the most photographed beach in the world, and one look at it will tell you exactly why! You don’t have to stay on one island if you don’t want to, as it’s entirely possible to island hop, to get a true overview of the destination as a whole.

There are far too many islands and resorts to list here, but one thing all of them have in common is a laid-back, chilled-out, and totally luxurious feel; the Seychelles are basically a group of islands which scream paradise, and rival only a few to be one of the best and most unspoiled destinations in the world.

If you need an image in your mind, if you haven’t got one already, think soft, talcum powder white sand, the kind which your toes sink into like the softest cushion you’ve ever felt, glittering ocean as blue as the eye can adjust to, with cloudless skies, golden sun, and swaying palms. This is the epitome of paradise.

Of course it’s not all about the beach, although the water-based side of things does take precedence, but the different island interiors should certainly be explored, with rainforests, valleys, mountains, banana plantations, coconut trees, and beautiful wild orchids. The wildlife and nature of the Seychelles away from the water is just as stunning as that in it.

In terms of luxury, this destination sums up the word perfectly.

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