Montreal Or Toronto: JustFly Helps You Decide Which Canadian City To Visit


If exploring the great outdoors isn’t your thing, and you are looking to travel to Canada, odds are you are looking at visiting either Montreal, Quebec or Toronto, Ontario. While both cities are excellent places to visit, the choice itself can be a difficult one to make if you are forced to choose between the two. While they are both very popular they are also very unique and offer different experiences which can help you decide which is best for you. To get an idea of what place suits a specific traveller’s needs I spoke with the online travel company JustFly. They were able to put together a list of pros and cons for me to summarize to help you decide which Canadian city is best for you to this Summer.

The Case For Montreal

The more laid back of the two according to JustFly’s review, Montreal is a peaceful metropolis where visitors can find a piece of zen rather easily. It’s unique neighbourhoods, which are loaded with large parks, offer their own unique selections of restaurants and shops to go with with great green spaces to picnic in. One such place is The Plateau neighbourhood. A labyrinth of unique secondhand shops and tiny cafes, it’s easy to get lost in the quaintness of the area. In terms of nightlife, Montreal’s scene is about what you want. Downtown is rather rowdy, but most bars in surrounding areas are more or less what you make of them, with chill terrace hangs being the usual for most of the city. If you want events, every home games for the Montreal Canadiens is a cultural necessity for Montreallers. The team is literally an institution, so being part of a game is a must.

The Case For Toronto

Ontario’s capital city, Toronto is a hustle bustle town. It’s a city where you definitely need to make a plan and execute because popular spots are often very busy. One thing that makes Toronto a great place to visit is the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). One of Canada’s most well-known museums, The ROM is loaded with great exhibits, including one of the best fossil exhibits out there according to JustFly. Some things you can’t miss are an afternoon at Rogers Centre to see the Toronto Blue Jays, park hangs at Trinity Bellwoods, and the Queen West neighbourhood which is very popular.


Ultimately it comes down to preference. Montreal is a far more laid back city, while Toronto can be a little intense. Also, Montreal is smaller and easier to get around using public transit, whereas Toronto is massive and can be complicated depending on which area of the city you are staying in or visiting. In fact, out of towers would almost be better served driving, which is saying a lot considering Toronto traffic can be extremely rough.

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