How to Make the Most of Your Bachelor Party Abroad

A bachelor party, stag party, whatever you call it, it’s not just a celebrate your last night of freedom as an unmarried man but it’s a time for you to get together with your friends and literally go wild, and it’s not just the location that’s important. There’s no limits to what you can do on your bachelor night, and the best part about it is that no one can blame you for your actions. This is your night and people understand that this is a chance for you to go wild.


However just because you can go wild doesn’t mean you should. There’s still some precautions you should take. We have compiled a list of things you can do and things you should avoid to have the ultimate bachelor party.



Sing your heart out

Nearly everyone in the world is a fan of some type of music and most of us have that anthem that once we hear it we can’t help but start singing. This is a night where you should do it. Let your hair down and share in a song or two with your buddy. We recommend using a karaoke machine as it allows you to really sing and let out a tune. Gameroommania has a great list. Plus, for those without natural skill the best karaoke machine can make you sound like a god.


Pick a well known establishment

Unfortunately, a bachelor party can inevitably attract the wrong type of attention. There are too many stories of guys going out to have a good night and it turning out to be a disaster. This is made worse if the wedding is the next day. You can avoid this by choosing a respected place to go for drinks and dinner. Sometimes you need to speak to yourself as a child – don’t trust strangers.


Limit the amount you drink

This isn’t the thing anyone wants to hear while they are on a night out, but it is important. The more you drink, the less in control you are of your decision making. By limiting yourself to a few drinks an hour you can maintain a nice buzz while still being in control of your decision making. Plus you’ll wakeup the next day feeling a lot better than you could have been feeling.


Have a backup plan

Because things can and do go wrong you should always have a fall back plan. Write a friends’ number on your hand in case you lose your phone or wallet and need a lift home. Organize a pickup at a specific time and don’t drink anything that you haven’t seen being prepared in front of you.
Most importantly, don’t stress. Take some normal precautions and you’ll be able to have a great time.

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