Looking For Somewhere a Little Different?

Views of the waterfront and beaches of Tel Aviv

It is totally normal to get a little bored of the same kind of holiday from time to time. If that sounds like your current predicament, you might be scouring the internet for a little inspiration, and you will probably come across all manner of different destinations.

If you still haven’t found your ideal place however, have you considered heading to Tel Aviv?

You might not even have this huge Israeli city on your radar, but that would be a huge mistake! If you’re looking for a vibrant and busy city, with fantastic beaches, then you need to start booking your Tel Aviv flights now!

Tel Aviv is Israel’s second largest city, with Jerusalem coming next. There is a lot of history to be found here, and some amazing architecture to check out too, but it is the shopping, nightlife, and beach time that most people find surprising – it’s just not something you would put together with this city, but that’s what makes it so fantastic, because it’s quite off the map when you think about holiday destinations.

Put simply, Tel Aviv is fantastic for a family breaks, and there are many activities which youngsters will find great fun. The city is located on the Mediterranean coastline, so that should bring idyllic beaches to your mind, and no matter what day of the year you will find the beaches packed with visitors, all dancing to a musical feel that the beach seems to always have. Swimming is safe, however certain times of the year can yield jellyfish to the area, so check with lifeguards before immersing yourself in the delicious waters on a hot, sunny day.

Jaffa is the must visit part of the city, and here is one of the world’s oldest ports on record. There is a lot of biblical history here, as this is where Jonah began the journey which resulted in him being in the stomach of a whale. Of course, Old Jaffa is also home to that famous flea market, and Rabin Square, the biggest public square in the city.

Shopping is something you should definitely indulge in, as Dizengoff Centre is a huge shopping centre, as well as upmarket Ramat Aviv Mall, and Ayalon Mall. The markets are great fun however, so check out Carmel Market for fresh fruit and delicious snacks, or Levinksy Market for a fragrant spice purchasing trip.

If you’re travelling with the kids, you’ll want some thrills and spills in with your time, and Luna Park Tel Aviv and Superland are two of the city’s theme parks to enjoy. There is also Meimadyon, a large waterpark. If you want to check out the views, head to Azriely Lookout, where you can gaze from over 200 metres high. For nightlife, head to Tel Aviv Port, where the fun never seems to stop!

If you never considered visiting Israel for a city and beach break, now is the time. Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan, family-friendly city, and somewhere that you certainly won’t have the time to get bored.

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