Las Vegas Biggest Casinos

Photo Credit: PolaroidGal via photopin cc

Photo Credit: PolaroidGal via photopin cc

The Las Vegas Strip is known for its themed casinos and is a popular destination in itself. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest casinos among the strip and the hotels that house them. Like hotels, casinos also vary depending on the players, and if you are a high roller, let’s just say these casinos will go all out to ensure you will have the best stay so you can gamble some big bucks on the floor!

  • Caesar’s Palace – Roman themed, it’s known for the large compound of shops, shows, their hotel, and casino. Several tv shows have been filmed here, more notably The Hangover, making it one of the more iconic places to go to in the strip. If you prefer to gamble, on the casino floor, if you’re a new player, they can match your bets to a maximum of $300, enticing you to take your chances. If you can’t get to Caesar’s physically, you can play free casino games online. If you stay here frequently, sign up for the Total Rewards program to get more perks (credits or resort perks). That rewards program is also valid for other locations in the US!
  • MGM Grand – Inside the second largest hotel in the world, themed for the Wizard of Oz, complete with a gold lion as its iconic symbol. Within it is a lion habitat (but don’t worry, the lions don’t stay there full time), and also an interactive CSI experience. In the casino, they give out credits if you are part of the M Life program.
  • The Venetian- Inspired by Venice, this compound has its own canal inside, where you can ride a gondola in. It’s a massive complex, complete with a painted roof that makes you feel like you are actually walking outside and seeing the clouds for yourself – they even have painted frescos in the ceiling. Combined with the Palazzo, they have the biggest casino on the Strip in size, as per the Vegas Today and Tomorrow website.
  • The Bellagio –Known for its dancing fountains (free to watch and open to the public) and home to the O Cirque du Soleil show, there’s plenty of other things to do in this resort – it has its own fine arts gallery and botanical garden!
  • The LINQ – A recent addition to the strip, it compound has its own casino, hotel/resort, which is also part of the Total Rewards program. It’s famous for its own auto collection and a drag revue. It used to have impersonators dealing cards at your table but sadly, it was discontinued

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