Korea On A Budget


Korea is one of the world’s most fascinating tourist destinations and for good reason. Unfortunately, the majority of people would never plan a trip there, because they are worried about the distance and, more importantly, the expense. No one wants a limited budget to compromise  their fun in a foreign land, but you can follow these tips and make your trip to Korea unforgettable, without breaking the bank!

Choose a Goshiwon To Stay At

Not only can you save money on a goshiwon, but it is the perfect place to stay in Korea! Each room comes with a bathroom, bed and desk. The kitchen in a goshiwon is communal, which allows you to mingle with the locals and learn more about Korean culture. When you are in search of things to do, you can just ask your fellow residents for helpful hints!

Numerous Cheap Attractions

Korea has a variety of different attractions, many of which can be seen on the cheap. Visitors of Seoul always rave about the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is typically the first stop for many tourists. There are free guided tours offered on a daily basis. The National Museum of Korea is another option for budget conscious tourists, as visitors are also able to visit it for free.

Eat Local Foods

While there is a great deal of Western cuisine available to those who visit Korea, these foods will cost you an arm and a leg, and besides, you’d rather try out the local dining scene, right? Not only can you eat your fill at a variety of local restaurants (sometimes for just $5 per person!) but you can also sample numerous street snacks for the low introductory price of one dollar.

Increase Flexibility and Book Flights Early

Waiting until the last possible minute to book a flight is not wise, especially when you are traveling to a far off place like Korea. By booking a flight within at least two months of your intended travel date, you can save a lot. There are numerous flight comparison sites that can be used to help you during the process, so don’t be afraid. Be flexible with your scheduling, so there’s more options available for you. Also, make sure you look at coupon sites such as Discountrue or Retailmenot and look for special offers – they can often get you great discounts.

You can also get yourself a rewards credit card that offers you travel miles for your purchases. These cards often come with a one-time bonus when you first sign up, followed by additional miles whenever you buy something using the card. The one-time bonus is usually enough for at least one flight. Then, all you have to do is start saving additional miles before booking your vacation. If you are smart about using this card, you could end up with a free flight to Korea, making your trip even more affordable.

The Metro Is Your Friend

Use every opportunity to travel on the Metro during your stay in Korea. You will be able to get around major cities quickly and efficiently, while remaining within your assigned budget! Upon arrival in Korea, simply purchase a T-card. When the money on your T-card has been used up, you can reload it, at a much less expensive rate than you would be paying for single journey tickets.

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