Israel: A place for action and adventure?


If you have a vision of Israel which goes something along the lines of history, museums, galleries, and not a lot else, then you have fallen foul of a mistruth.

Israel is not at all what many people assume it to simply be; yes, there is plentiful history, and yes, most of it is truly breath-taking and fascinating, but did you ever stop to think about the landscapes that make up this ancient and stunning land?

Israel is regarded by many as the Holy Land, a Middle Eastern country which is famous across the globe for its biblical importance, and because of that many people dream of visiting to get a taste of this history and tradition. This is of course a wonderful reason to visit, however if you are looking for a destination which gives you adrenaline sports, adventure, and plentiful tours on offer to help you enjoy them a little more, then you are in luck.

You can easily book an adventure tour which will give you a guided basis to see the most stunning landscapes of the country, whilst also allowing you a safer way to practice your outdoor activities. Of course, if you want to head off on your own steam, it’s not difficult to rent a car in Israel, and provided you have the correct licence requirements and you understand the road rules, this is a fantastic way to enjoy the country in total and utter freedom.

We know Israel for its large and cultural cities, such as Tel Aviv and, of course, historic Jerusalem, and these are must visits for anyone heading to the country. On top of this, the terrain between the large cities is full of wonder, such as The Dead Sea, Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, and the Negev Desert.

These are all sites for adventure tours and sports to enjoy. As part of your break you can easily experience the world-class diving opportunities along the Mediterranean coastline, or you can kayak in the Banias Nature Reserve in the north of the country; here you will find the largest waterfall in the country, as well as a beautiful forest landscape to explore. Off road driving is also popular in this part of the country, with some seriously bumpy terrain to test your skills!

For desert adventures it is all about the south of the country, and the Negev Desert – check out Makhtesh Ramon, the largest crater in the desert, which gives you views to seriously blow your mind. Here you can also hire a bike, go hiking, and enjoy a jeep safari through the desert. If you want to spend the night under the impressive desert skies, you can camp here too!

Israel might not be somewhere which first pops into your mind as an adventure destination, but therein lies its beauty; Israel is not on the mainstream adrenaline sport map, so that means less crowds, a more authentic experience, and a chance to combine adventure with some jaw-dropping history and sightseeing too.

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