How to Save Money While You Are Touring Europe


Europe is one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. However, due to the continent’s plethora of world-class cities, it doesn’t always have a reputation for affordability. In other words, the cost of dining, accommodations, transportation and other travel-related expenses is perceived as being rather high, especially in Euro hot spots, such as Paris, Milan and Berlin (to name just a few!).

No matter which cities and countries are listed on your European travel itinerary, you’ll find that our tips will help you to save money while you are touring Europe.

Schedule Affordable Flights – The cost of getting from place to place in Europe is often the reason why people shy away from European tours. The best way to save money on your trip, right from the very start, is to choose an affordable flight. This means comparing airlines and then choosing the one which offers the lowest fares. Flying from place to place in Europe will also be cheaper when you book through the right airline.

One great option is Vueling Airlines. The respected air transportation company is known for offering rock-bottom fares and it has a strong and positive business reputation. It’s possible to compare the merits and prices of different airlines by utilizing the internet when you search for terms such as Vueling discount codes. We recommend this sort of research, as it will help you to trim the costs of European travel.

Check Out Free Attractions – It’s possible to explore attractions in Europe which don’t require entrance fees and doing so will help you to enjoy yourself without the typical cash outlay.

Examples of popular tourist attractions in Europe which don’t cost money to enjoy include The Louvre Gallery in Paris, France (but only on the first Sunday of every month…and conditions do apply!), the charming Dutch cheesemarket on the Waagplein in Alkmaar, North Holland and the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace in London, England.

This just scratches the surface, so be sure to do some research in order to find even more free attractions. When you do, you’ll save so much money and you’ll still have a great and memorable time.

Look for Affordable Hotels – Accommodations typically take a big bite out of the budgets of travellers who are touring Europe. It’s possible to save money by checking out room rates via the world’s premier travel deal websites – Expedia is just one example. When you use the Web in order to find the best deals on hotels or other forms of accommodations, such as apartment rentals, you’ll be able to isolate the best deals and then book online.

Now that you know three great ways to save money while you’re touring Europe, why not use our advice today? By following our tips, you may be able to save hundreds to thousands of dollars. The money that you save may be utilized for shopping, fine dining or what have you. Or, you may just keep it in the bank.

It is possible to tour Europe more affordably – it just requires a little research, strategy and clever decision-making.

Photo Credit: Satyakam Khadilkar

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