How to Pack for a Cruise

The idea of a cruise holiday has become hugely popular over the last few years. Gone are the days when these types of holiday were targeted for the older audience, and with huge cruise liners visiting several enviable destinations all within the space of a week or so, more and more of us are choosing to see more of the world, with all food and drink included in the price. 

It’s basically a floating all inclusive!

The problem is, how do you pack for so many different eventualities?

Well, read on and find out.


Check your itinerary

The places you will visiting will give you an idea of what types of clothes and footwear you’ll be needing. If you’re heading off on a Mediterranean cruise, maybe with Ephesus in Turkey on the itinerary, or Athens, then get ready for plenty of walking, and so pack a comfortable pair of shoes. If you’re off on a more beach-related cruise, maybe the Greek islands, then of course you’ll be wanting lightweight, summer clothes. Alternatively, if you’re heading on a cruise of the Norwegian Fjords, it might be a little chilly, so pack for colder climates. In this case, travel in your heaviest coat, and that will cut down on what you need to carry.


Check your ship’s entertainment 

Certain cruise liners have themed nights, and you can usually find this kind of information out before you go, so you’re prepared for anything you need to dress up in! Aside from this, check on whether your ship requires you to dress up for a formal dinner at any point, and pack smart clothes accordingly.


Are you flying?

If you’re flying to meet your ship before embarking on your cruise, then you will be subject to the airline’s baggage restrictions, i.e. 15 or 20kg usually. However, if you’re departing your cruise from Southampton, for example, you are able to pack more if you so wish, but be aware that you are only going to wear so many clothes during a week or two!


Remember the space issue!

Onboard cabins are comfortable, but not particularly spacious, so bear this in mind with how much you pack, as well as what you pack it in. A huge suitcase might be a good idea to start with, but you have to store it in your cabin once you’ve unpacked.


Packing for a cruise is a very individual thing, and it will entirely depend on your itinerary. The best thing to remember is that you will be limited for space, but also to factor in comfort for any destinations that require special thinking, such as walking or heat.

The chance to visit several destinations within a short space of time is a fantastic one – bon voyage!

photo credit: Christian Lambert Photography via photopin cc

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