How to Get Around the USA

North to South, East to West, and everything in-between


The United States of America – one word to sum it up. Big. In fact no, that doesn’t do it justice – huge. The USA is huge, in fact the 50 states that make up this massive country cover 9,826,675 km² , and that’s a lot of land!


A country as big as this means plenty to see, with cities, national parks, beaches, small towns, even deserts and mountain ranges that really do beg to be explored. The problem is, how do you get around a country this big? And how do you cover a lot of ground, in a short space of time?


Thankfully, there are several methods to sort this problem right out, and travelling to many different parts of the USA is now not only possible, but actually quite easy.


Let’s take a look at them:



It makes sense to travel over large distances by air, because it’s fast, and that means more time to spend in your destination of choice. Despite the fact that most Americans don’t have a passport and have never left the country, most of them at some point have, or will fly, although it will be within their own country. Domestic flights are plentiful and can be grabbed at a cheap price if you’re willing to be flexible. By air, you can cross the country widthways in around five hours, and vertically in just two hours. Easy!



The rail network within the USA is high quality, reliable and relatively cheap, especially when tickets are booked in advance, or when using a rail pass. Amtrak is the public funded rail network system, operating regularly throughout the day, right across the country, linking major towns and cities. In addition to this, there are high speed trains between the major cities, such as Washington DC and New York etc.



The road trip is the epic dream, crossing the country in a convertible, with the wind in your hair. Well, the reality is a little different, with huge distances meaning tiredness, and convertibles do nothing for your hair do. Hiring a car is possible, however road trips should be planned carefully, taking into account the various different terrains and landscapes you might come into contact with, and planning breaks appropriately.



Finally we have the famous Greyhound coach service. Covering the entire country, with some coaches venturing into Canada and Mexico, travelling long-distances is made easier by air conditioned, comfortable coaches, whilst also checking out the passing scenery.


Getting around the huge distances involved with travelling around the USA is made easier with these particular methods; simply arrange your travel plans in advance to get the best deals.


photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

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