How FlightHub preps you for your ultimate spring ski weekend!


As the winter months slowly recede, spring ski season is well on its way! If you’re thinking of finally hitting the slopes then there’s no better time to do it than when the sun is warm and the snow is only sort of melting. Though typically considered low season, skiing in the spring means that you won’t have to compete for slope time, wait in long queues, and if you pick the right resort the conditions may even be better for novice skiers. FlightHub reviews everything you may need to know as a first time skier hitting up the hills in spring!

When to go

Getting an early start to spring skiing is key. Unlike winter skiing where temperatures remain consistent throughout the day, skiing in the spring means taking advantage of the cooler temperatures throughout the day. This means getting up early and hitting the slopes no later than 9 am until 1 pm. While the weather remains cooler, the sun is only just heating the day up, meaning you get the perfect temperature to ski your heart out!

In addition to timing, make sure that the hill or mountain you’re skiing is at a slightly higher altitude than traditional ski hills. Altitudes directly affect how cool (or warm) a mountain is, so the higher the mountain the more snow there’ll be for you to ski on.

Pack Right

Like every ski trip, the success to the outdoors is measured in layers. Though you’re usually looking to bundle up, spring skiing often poses the difficulty of keeping cool. Between the warmer temperatures and the physical exertion, FlightHub recommends bringing clothing that you can layer and remove should you find yourself overheating. Pro tip for first time skiers: don’t wear cotton under your jacket or as an ‘insulator’, cotton is not a breathable fabric meaning that it’ll retain sweat and keep your cold while you’re out on your run.

Check the weather and ski conditions

This goes without saying but is oftentimes overlooked. With spring skiing comes the reality of unpredictable weather: one minute it’s sunny, the next it could be raining. Rain falling on a mountain full of snow makes for pretty terrible ski conditions, especially if the temperatures are still on the cold side. Ice can pose a real danger for inexperienced skiers, so make sure to check the conditions beforehand.

Bring all the food

If the weather is good and you’re ready to hit the slopes, FlightHub wants to remind you to bring snacks with you while you’re out for the day! Not only will it keep away the hunger from the physical exertion, save you tons of cash (snack bars or canteens on the hill can be pretty pricey), and it’s also an excuse to take a quick break while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Once you’re done with your runs, the only way to unwind from a full day on the slopes is by, what else, but Après Ski. Find yourself a cozy spot by the fire and sip on your warm probably alcoholic drink and enjoy making new friends and lasting memories!

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