Here’s Why Pickup Trucks are a Woman’s Vehicle, Too

“Are trucks just for men?” asks Jasmine Risso, co-founder of, on Pickup Truck Talk.

The answer? You guessed it, no. For Jasmine, trucks aren’t just for men, “and it’s time we break the stigma that certain vehicles belong to a certain sex.” Indeed, the pickup truck may be known as the vehicle for the real man, but it’s also the vehicle for the real woman. Here’s why:

Female Adventurer

The pickup truck continues to be the timeless vehicle of choice for hauling gear and equipment, towing (pop-up trailers, campers, etc.) and off-roading for outdoor adventure. These tasks and off-roading are typically targeted toward men; however, women are also getting behind the wheel of 4×4 trucks.

In fact, “women gravitate toward utilitarian-type vehicles,” says Brad Smith, director of market statistics for Experian, on MarketWatch. In today’s world of outdoor adventure and recreation, road trips and journeys into the great outdoors no longer require a male driver or manly muscles to carry gear. Solo women warriors and groups of girlfriends are trekking into the wild, and why not in a truck?

Family Car

Breaking out of the mold, trucks are also becoming a popular family car. Mike Monticello, who’s worked for Road & Track and, emphasizes that the modern pickup is safer, convenient, more comfortable and has a smoother ride. Truck cabs are designed to be more spacious (yes, rear seats with generous room can even accommodate that child seat).

But forget stuffing gear into the trunk and backseats like Tetris; with a truck bed being the biggest perk, your family can throw in beach or camping gear and kids’ sports equipment freely into the bed. SUVs and even minivans don’t have to be the only options for a family utility vehicle.

Empowerment on the Road

You can’t deny how someone feels behind the wheel of a certain type of vehicle. Case in point: A luxury sports car can offer you more confidence and serve as a status symbol of accomplishment. Driving a new Porsche? You’re showing you’ve “made it.” The same goes for today’s heavy-duty pickup trucks, which show you’re rugged, strong, independent and tough.

Indeed, the modern-day women is all of these things, from the workplace to the open road, and driving a truck can feel empowering. Based on data from IHS Markit, “the number of women who registered full-sized pickups increased 67 percent from 2008 to 2016 (reaching more than 470,000 trucks in 2016).” Talk about trucks no longer being taboo for a woman. So go ahead — break the status quo.

Dream Truck

Driving a truck as an empowered trailblazer can easily turn a woman into a truck enthusiast. For many men, a Toyota Tacoma or Ford F-150 becomes a passion, a hobby. But women love their four-wheeled babies, too — and they enjoy discovering the latest features to build their dream truck.

New tires and wheels, a heavy-duty suspension, camper shelf and a roof-top tent (that’ll up your Instagram game) aren’t just toys for boys. The fun of being a truck enthusiast is about the research and community aspect, too. Learn all about the best features for your truck, and make sure to check out @dakartundra and @jobburtt on Instagram for inspiration.

In the market for a new vehicle? Consider your needs, take into account your lifestyle, and don’t veer away from the pickup truck, especially if you’re a woman.


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