Get Away and Beat the Stress Four Stress-Free Holiday Ideas

Photo Credit: garybembridge via photopin cc

Photo Credit: garybembridge via photopin cc

When it comes to getting away and chilling the hell out, holidays should tick every box. Despite that, there are some holidays that require another holiday afterwards, in order to recover! If you want a break that will enable you to seriously forget all your cares, say goodbye to stress, and enjoy your time in a more relaxed manner, then these four ideas should be on your consideration list.


A week or two aboard a huge cruise ship, sailing around several destinations, could be the perfect way to seriously forget your cares. All your food is taken care of, drink is generally included, aside from a few extras, and all your activities on-board are sorted. You have the choice of staying on the ship and enjoying the facilities, or exploring the destinations on your itinerary. No need to find out how to get from A to B, everything taken care of, and some seriously beautiful destinations to enjoy – talk about stress-free.

Danube River cruises

On the same tip as the suggestion before, cruising down the Danube is a great opportunity to see culture, nature, and some seriously beautiful scenery. There are plenty of Danube River holiday ideas, and plenty of itineraries to look into, however the main ones take in the stunning forests and countryside along the way. Europe’s second longest river runs from west to east across Europe, and its main focus is the Black Forest in Germany. You have the opportunity to visit any of the ten countries that the river passes through, including Germany, Austria, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Yoga retreats

Be at one with yourself, find your inner Zen, whatever your reason for visiting a yoga retreat, you will certainly find relaxation. Thailand is perhaps the most famous country for such a holiday, and with beautiful beaches, amazing views, mysterious temples, and a bit of nightlife if you fancy it, you will certainly be able to forget all your cares. Yoga retreats aren’t just for experienced yoga-ites, and even if you’re a relative new starter, you will find a break to suit your needs.

Log cabin breaks

During winter, what could be more relaxing and cosy than snuggling up in front of a roaring fire, the snow fluttering down outside, a cup of cocoa in hand, and no cares? Well that is a possibility in many destinations the world over, from Scotland to Austria, Switzerland to Italy etc. No need to think about the outside world, as you simply close the door and enjoy the feeling of being cut off from civilisation!

Everyone’s idea of relaxation is different, however if you dream of solitude and no need to worry about anything, then you could do much worse than these four suggestions.

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