Gap Year Planning Tips for Students

Schools out and you’re ready to plan an amazing gap year itinerary before you embark on the next leg of your education journey. There are endless places that you can travel to and so many experiences to enjoy that it can be hard to pick your destinations, never mind work out all of the nitty gritty details. But, planning your route isn’t the only consideration for a successful gap year. So let’s take a look at a few important points that you shouldn’t overlook.

Choose the Right Traveling Companion

Sometimes, even the strongest high school friendships are tested to breaking point when people spend endless days together.

Make sure that you’ve taken some short trips with your traveling companion before you commit to a year or more together. Remember, even with the best planning in the world, you will encounter some stressful situations–it’s the nature of traveling–and your tempers could quickly fray.

Ask yourself is your friend calm under pressure or a high maintenance person when things don’t go to plan.

Know When to Apply for Visa’s

Unless all of the countries on your list operate visa waiver schemes, you’ll need to sort out your visa applications. If you plan to head to just one country for your gap year, it could be a good idea to apply for a work visa so that you can take a job to help cover your costs. A spell working in a foreign land always looks good on a resume.

Another idea for those with a less hectic itinerary is to begin your degree while you travel. This is possible thanks to the many great schools that offer online degree programs and it gives you the opportunity to avoid being a year behind.

You could study any degree you’re interested in, as the online choice is huge for bachelor degrees. Older students taking a gap year between their undergraduate and graduate studies could find the perfect master’s program, although if you plan to study with Rutgers Online on a course like the online masters in social work, you’ll need to check if you can be away during the first year, in case your travels interfere with the field placements that online MSW programs require.

Don’t Skimp on Travel Insurance

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it, but good travel insurance is essential for your peace of mind and to cover your costs if you run into trouble. Make sure your plan gives you a high level of medical cover because falling seriously ill or getting injured overseas will cost you a fortune otherwise. A plan that gives you access to legal representation is also a good idea in case you inadvertently break some local laws.

With good planning and a little luck, your gap year should turn out to be an amazing trip that will fortify you through your next few years of study. Remember to document your travels with lots of photos, videos, and a diary because you’re going to want to remember this trip for many years to come.

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