The Freedom of The Open Road!

There can be no greater sense of total and utter freedom than when you are sat behind the wheel of a car, the window down, the fresh air pouring in, music playing, and the open road pouring out in front of you, as far as the horizon can be seen.

It is for this reason that road trips have become epic adventures, even before the glory days of Route ’66!

Nowadays we have much more scope for road trip-related freedom, and with so many fantastic routes on offer, with some amazingly scenic ones across Europe especially, we are truly spoilt for choice! Check out this infographic for some ideas on where to go, if you’re struggling to whittle down the options from the huge range in front of you!

Of course, before you head off on your personalised road trip, you need to make sure that you have all bases covered. Parking can be limited, and if you don’t know the area, it can be difficult to find spots to park legally and safely. Thankfully there are some fantastic apps on offer, and provided you have an online connection, you can easily connect – check out Your Parking Space for information and access to some of the best parking spots across Europe.

Aside from this, you need to do your research into what accommodation options there are en-route. It’s important to take regular breaks, especially if you want to truly enjoy the road and landscapes that you’re passing. Take your time, and do your research ahead of time into guest houses, bed and breakfasts and hotels which are on the way. The biggest road trip options will all have plentiful places to stay dotted along their lengths, for sure.

How do you truly enjoy your road trip? Check out these tips.

  • We mentioned taking your time, and this is a must do. Regular breaks aren’t just for safety, they’re for your tourism fun too!
  • Research the main sights, history, and culture along the route you’re choosing. This means you will really appreciate where you’re travelling
  • Is there an experience you can have along the way? For instance, is a particular part of your route known for certain type of cuisine? Is there wine tasting? Remember not to drink and drive however, so you’ll need to stay over somewhere if that’s the case! Culture and experiences are a huge part of a road trip
  • Make yourself a bespoke music playlist for your trip; upon hearing one of the songs in the future, you’ll instantly be taken back in your mind to that moment
  • Remember an in-car charger for your phone, so you can take plentiful photos and videos to remember your adventure by

Of course, safety is everything, but in order to explore and truly enjoy everything that Europe has to offer, your road trip need to be well planned.

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