Five Ways to Celebrate Special Occasions with Travel  

Photo Credit: RelaxingMusic via photopin cc

Photo Credit: RelaxingMusic via photopin cc

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, engagement, promotion, honeymoon, or some other special day you want to celebrate, doing it away from home, in totally new surroundings is sure to make it all the more memorable. I celebrated my 30th birthday in Turkey and I know that for years to come I will remember that day for the fun and laughs that were planned in advance and those that happened by surprise.

Making the most of special occasions is what life is all about, so if you do have a day looming on the horizon, check out the ideas below for tips on how to make it stick in your mind for many years to come.

A luxurious hotel

When you’re travelling around it’s easy to go for budget hotels, but if you’re planning on spending a special day somewhere new and exciting, why not go for something a little fancier? You can find plenty of hotels and resorts that offer you a little extra sparkle, such as luxury villa holidays from Elegant Resorts for example, meaning you will spend your special day in total bliss.

Blag it

Whatever your day involves, make sure you mention it in advance to staff at your hotel/on your cruise/on your flight, because you never know which extra perks you might find come your way! If you’re wanting to spoil a special someone, do this at the time of booking as many companies offer packages which often involve champagne and flowers etc.

Travel to somewhere on your bucket list

The only way to truly remember an occasion is to set it somewhere that has always been on your to-do list. Put the two together and you are looking at something truly memorable. For example, have you always dreamed of visiting Kenya? Head off on Safari! If you dream of a beautiful beach, book somewhere that oozes paradise.

Plan a special activity

There will no doubt be excursions and activities on offer wherever you’re visiting, which can easily coincide with your special day. Dedicate that particular day to something spectacular. For example, if you’re in Kenya, book a hot air balloon ride over the savannah; if you’re in Florida, head off for tea with Mickey Mouse; if you’re in Sydney, climb the harbour bridge. Make it memorable by doing something amazing – the perfect way to celebrate.

Dedicate the day to pampering

A luxury spa is a fantastic treat that not many of us can afford or find the time for in the normal run of things, however throw in a special occasion and it’s important to find the time for rest and relaxation. Most large hotels will offer spa facilities, and there is always the option of booking a day spa for a true get away from it all scenario.

However you choose to spend your special occasion whilst on the road, one thing is for sure – there is nothing more memorable than being somewhere amazing, whether you’re celebrating or not.

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