Discover the Giant’s Causeway on a Guided Bus Tour from Belfast

The natural wonder, the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, has attracted hordes of travellers with its basalt columns, and breath-taking views. When you’ve had a chance to experience the beautiful city of Belfast, be sure to spend a memorable day on a guided bus tour of the causeway by Allen’s Tours. Between stops, you’ll listen to folktales and absorb the area’s rich history as you pass scenery bound to take your breath away.

About the Sites you’ll see…

Carrickfergus and Carrickfergus Castle

The name of this medieval castle is taken from the town it is located in… Carrickfergus, in County Antrim. John de Courcy built the castle in 1177 and since then, the castle has stood some of the worst phases in history. In the 16th and 17th century, Carrickfergus Castle was attacked and captured, but the castle was transformed to accommodate cannons and artillery for future battles. In 1688, Carrickfergus found itself at the very heart of European politics when it was caught in the midst of yet another major siege.

Having lived through some of the worst unprecedented onslaughts in the region’s history, the Carrickfergus Castle holds some of the most cherished heritages of the Scots and how their history was shaped through the various eras.

Magheramorne Quarry drive

If you watch the popular series, Game of Thrones, you might recognize Magheramorne Quarry drive as the backdrop to Castle Black and Hardhome. Magheramorne is a tiny hamlet in an old stone quarry, home to 75 people. Even if you are not a lover of this enthralling game, then you may have a thing for nature, in which case the Magheramorne Quarry drive would still come in handy. Experience the beauty of the magical landscape as you cruise through this drive and take advantage of this opportunity to beholds some of the marvels of this countryside.

Antrim Coast Road 

Enjoy traveling on one of the most famous roads in the world. The A2, as the Antrim coast road is commonly referred to, winds through the countryside and showcases breathtaking views of the coastline. Engineer William Bald built the road between 1832 and 1842. He chose to build the road fitted against a span of massive cliffs, and parts of the A2 pass by cliffs as high as 100m.

The Glens of Antrim

Experience what locals refer to as The Glens, a region of County Antrim. There are nine glens or valleys that stretch from the coast to the tip of the Antrim Plateau. Each glen has its own unique character. In a land steeped in legend you’re bound to find a ghost and the first glen, Ballygally, has a haunted hotel.

Cross The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

This famous rope bridge links the mainland to the tiny island of Carrick-a-Rede, which means “rock of the casting”. The bridge is 20 metres in length and 30 metres above a sharp slew of rocks. It was originally built for fisherman, but was replaced by a much sturdier structure with the help local climbers in 2000.

Larrybane Quarry

Anther locale featured in the Game of Thrones- the Larrybane Quarry

Features breath-taking white cliffs that seem to dwarf just about anything. Just like its counterpart, Magheramorne Quarry drive, your imagination and curiosity will be satisfied regardless of whether you are a lover of the Game of Thrones or simply an adventure-loving freak.

The Dark Hedges

Although the Dark Hedges are located on a short road walled in by farmer’s fields, they are one of the most documented natural phenomena in Ireland. Although driving up to the spot is unremarkable, once you witness the thousands of twisted branches and trunks you’ll understand why the area has attracted curious bystanders for decades. Legend has it; a spirit referred to as the “Grey Lady” haunts the ribbon of road winding amongst the knotted beech trees. As you walk the road, she is said to glide with you and vanishes when she passes the final beech tree. Some say “Grey Lady” is the ghost of a former maid from a nearby household who died an unexplained death centuries ago.

When you embark on this journey, you’re bound to have unique moments where you connect with the landscape in a way that rarely happens. However, when it does, you know that something special has happened– a sort of magic that can only arise through discovery.

This tour is a must if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the beautiful country of Northern Ireland.

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