Best Bachelor Party Gambling Locations

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The casino has been a classic bachelor party location for decades, with Las Vegas’s famous Strip being the gambling destination of choice for almost as long. However, the once international powerhouse of the worldwide casino industry has seen a downturn in its fortunes in recent years. In 2014, the Strip saw a heavy decline in its revenue, with annual figures dropping by 12% in January and February of that year. Despite somewhat of a recovery over the remainder of 2014, Las Vegas still had an overall revenue drop of 0.5% in 2015.

One of the primary reasons for this decline, as reported by the media, is the rise of the online casino. With authentic and regulated casino games now accessible from any computer, it seems that fewer people are willing to make the trip to Nevada. However, this fall from glory, in particular the loss of lucrative bachelor party interest, can also be contributed to the rise, or re-emergence, of other international gambling locations and casino-centric cities.

It seems that with falling travel costs and the rise of other gambling destinations’ popularity, many bachelor parties are now setting their sights beyond Las Vegas. Here are three of the places they are heading towards.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

The epitome of old-school casino glamour, Monte Carlo has been the number-one destination for high-rolling gamblers since the 1850s. It has been associated with the class and glamour of Old Hollywood since iconic actress Grace Kelly became the Princess of the microstate in 1956. Monaco is an idyllic sovereign city-state nestled on the coastline of the south of France, with Monte Carlo being the richest and most luxurious of its six distinct.

dMacau, China

Formally a Portuguese colony, the Chinese island of Macau has become the gambling mecca of Asia since it was returned to the mainland in 1997. The island’s tropical feel and Mediterranean styling combined with the high-tech architecture of China, means that Macau is the perfect mix of old and new.

Featuring several world-famous casinos and an intoxicating neon-laced skyline at night, Macau gives you all the vibrancy of Las Vegas but within a much more laidback and scenic setting.

San Jose, Costa Rica

An up-and-coming player on the casino city scene, San Jose was ranked both the sixth most important destination in Latin America and the 15th fastest growing destination city in the world.

Due to its large Spanish population, San Jose has a distinctly European flavour and has one of the lowest crime rates in Latin America. A city of beautiful architecture, San Joe features a succession of stunning theatres, museums and stately homes within the city centre. Many these landmarks have now been converted into casinos, giving the gambling experience the grandeur of Monte Carlo mixed with the pace and excitement of Macau.

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