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Travelling from A to B is not the most enthralling part of a holiday, but it’s unfortunately a necessary evil, in order for us to get from home, to the fantastic places we’re dreaming of visiting. If you’re driving somewhere, the boredom can be ridiculous, because all you see is passing trees and concrete motorways, and you simply want to get there already!

The best way to beat boredom has to be to play games, and thankfully we’re now in the middle of a technological age where we have online gaming at our fingertips, and all we need is an Internet connection. Most people have 3G or 4G on a continual basis these days, because we’re suddenly unable to live without a connection! This is good news for long journeys, because they can be endured much easier with the aid of a little distraction.

Kindles are great news for those who love to read, and when charged it will last for weeks sometimes, whilst stocking yourself up with countless books to last you the duration of your journey. This has replaced the need to travel with heavy books and magazines, cutting down on the hassle of carrying heavy bags.

Gaming-wise, we mentioned before how easy it is now, and you only have to glimpse at your online app store to see that you have thousands and thousands of options available to you. You can even throw in a little competition and play against people to pass the time even quicker, such as playing games like Open Sesame, attempting to win at this popular slots game whilst getting from A to B. Provided you’re sensible when you’re betting or playing on such online games, there is no harm in the fun and competition they provide, whilst valuably passing the time until you arrive at your destination.

The only other thing you need to bear in mind is that smart phones and tablet batteries don’t last forever, so invest in an in-car charger, or a mobile battery back-up to get you through those flashing charge light dramas!

Put simply, you can’t magic yourself to your destination without a little waiting, so pass the time with a few games and a bit of reading, and you’ll be there before you know it. Travel isn’t all fun and games, but the end result is certainly worth the waiting.

Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

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