Beaches Not to Miss in 2014

Now’s the time that most of us are throwing ourselves into our holiday planning, egged on by the persistent rain and distinct chill in the air. If you, like me, are dreaming of jetting off to sandy shores, check out my list of the best beaches to visit this year for a little inspiration.




Titikaveka Beach (Cook Islands)

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands are absolutely stunning. Comprising 15 islands in total, the main of which is Rarotonga, this archipelago is home to some seriously beautiful beaches. Plus, because there’s not a massive amount of variation in terms of weather throughout the year, you can come here at virtually any time and be fairly sure of having balmy climes to enjoy those beautiful beaches on.

Titikaveka Beach is on Rarotonga, perched on the south-east coast. Coconut palm trees and a tranquil lagoon make this beach one of the prettiest places to relax, while the fact that you can watch fisherman striding into the water with spears to haul in their catch means it’s also a good place to enjoy a little local culture too.


Grand Anse (Grenada)

We’re moving on to the Caribbean for my next suggestion – Grand Anse beach in Grenada. This 2-mile stretch of soft white sand has, very deservedly, the reputation of being the finest on the island. What’s particularly nice about it is that as well as being really beautiful (because, for the majority of us, that’s the most important element of any beach), it’s also home to some great beach bars and restaurants.

Plus, it’s a decent spot for water sports too. This includes scuba diving – there’s actually a dive centre on Grand Anse, which means you can organise a variety of local diving trips in between stints of sunbathing or paddling in the clear water. So, it’s really easy to spend the whole day chilling out here.


Anse La Roche Beach (Carriacou)

Just north of Grenada (a short ferry ride away) is the island of Carriacou. This little isle is home to some fantastic beaches, and it’s perfect for any traveller who wants to escape the crowds, it having an almost wild feel in places.

Anse La Roche Beach, not far from Prospect village, is a near-deserted stretch of sand that’s a great place to get away from it all. If you have this beach to yourself, you shouldn’t be surprised, though you probably will be – given how incredibly scenic it is, it just doesn’t seem possible that it isn’t crawling with travellers.

If you do come here, don’t pass up the chance to go snorkelling – the water’s wonderfully clear. Plus, there are also plenty of pelicans to spot – they tend to congregate on a large rock, which the beach was actually named after.

No matter which beach you want to visit, it’s worth considering heading there on a cruise. What’s more, you’ll have the bonus of being able to soak up the sun while you travel, as well as visiting lots of other places. Plus, it’s easy to find great deals on sites like, which means you don’t need to pay premium prices.


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