Antigua’s Best Beaches

The small island of Antigua literally has a beach for every day of the year. During your beach holidays in Antigua you could spend a lifetime exploring all 365 beaches but most visitors will have to settle for just a few. There are a few timeshares for sale in Antigua so if you decide you really love it, there are some great opportunities to buy property there. The beaches range from secluded coves to endless stretches of hotel front paradise. Make sure you get to see a bit of the best by adding at least a few of these local recommended beaches to your list.

Dickenson Bay

One of the most popular beaches in Antigua, Dickenson Bay is a beautifully perfect Caribbean beach that spans around a mile on the northwest side of the island. It is where many of the beachfront resorts are located and as such, has a lively feel.

The water is calm, making it a good choice for families with small children, and you can rent watersport equipment here as well. The beach can get busy but is big enough that it rarely feels too full. Another bonus to the beach is that it is lined with great places to eat or grab a beer.

Jabberwock Beach

For a bit of fun, head to Jabberwock Beach and sign up for kitesurfing lessons. This beach has a great location on the northeastern coast, where the strong tradewinds make kitesurfing conditions perfect. Even if you don’t kitesurf, you can still come watch by heading down to the eastern end of the beach almost any day of the week.

The beach is also more popular with locals and is rarely very full. It is close to the American University of Antigua and you will often see students hanging out here after classes. The only thing to really keep in mind is that the waters are a bit stronger here and it might not be the best place for small children to swim.

Half Moon Bay

For a rugged, often deserted beach head to Half Moon Bay. While the beach is well known for its beauty, great snorkeling, and decent surfing, you’ll still find it nearly empty more days. The lack of shade, beach bars, and an overall uncommercialized feel, can put off some vacationers but for others it offers paradise.

The beach’s reef creates both a shallow place to swim near the shore and great windsurfing conditions further out. There aren’t any bars or restaurants on the beach so be sure to pack a picnic or if you want, walk down to the near by Harry’s Bar.

Prickly Pear Island

One of the best beaches in Antigua isn’t even in the official count of 365. That is because the small beach on Prickly Pear Island is out of the way and a bit of a hidden jem. You will need to find a local guide to take you out to the island, like Miguel of Miguel’s Holiday Adventure, who picks guest up in his boat for the five minute ride to the beach.

On this beach you won’t find big resort hotels or a dozen people trying to sell you a trip on a banana boat. The island is uninhabited which means that what your guide brings in is all you get. No worries though; Miguel makes sure all his guests have a nice beach chair, some snorkel gear, home cooked food, and plenty of rum.

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