All By Myself? Top Tips for Solo Travel

Photo Credit: A Travel Book

Photo Credit: A Travel Book

Solo travel no longer has the stigma it once did, in fact nowadays you can easily find plenty of singles holidays for travellers, meaning no matter what your circumstances, you’re able to jet off and explore the world.

Whether you choose the organised route, or whether you decide to explore on your own steam, there are a few things to bear in mind when you decide to holiday all by yourself.


It’s easy to become cellular when you travel alone, but it’s also important to remember to speak to people! This is how you meet like-minded individuals who could become new life-long friends. Travel isn’t only about the things we see, it’s also about the experiences we have, and the people we meet along the way. If you’re shy, start off small, simply mention something about the weather – everyone needs an ‘in’, simply to start a conversation!

Check in regularly

Remember to let someone know where you’re travelling to at all times, and remember to check in regularly, be it on the phone, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. These days there are countless ways to stay in touch, and all you need is a wifi connection, which most cafes and restaurants will have, so there’s no excuse! It’s a safety thing too, and we all know that safety is one of the most important things in life.

Consider group tours

If you don’t fancy jetting off on your own steam, think about the group tours we mentioned before. This is where you can meet people who share your interests, and you have the safety net of other people doing the same thing as you. You will also usually have the help and knowledge of a tour guide, so you will experience and learn much more.

Don’t be too trusting …

There are some unscrupulous souls out there, so don’t trust everyone who smiles at you, especially if you’re out and about at the time. Listen to your inner voice, as your intuition is the most valuable tool you have. It’s common sense really, just don’t wander around on your own after dark, don’t venture into places that don’t look safe, and pay attention to advice that you receive online, e.g. travel advice from your government websites.

Choose your destination wisely

Don’t go venturing off to a destination that is on a risk list, and make sure you visit somewhere relatively touristic, especially if it’s your first time. If you’re alone then you’re vulnerable, there’s no getting around that fact, so if you visit somewhere mainstream, you’re less likely to stand out like a sore thumb. Group tours are always the best way to see off the beaten track destinations.

Above all, don’t let your alone status affect your ability and choices for travel. Experience the world!

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