Airports Embracing Growth

How airports in Scotland and the UK are gearing up for the current international tourism push

In a report by UK news agency the Daily Record, two of Scotland’s major airports are seeing significant passenger growth. This past April, Glasgow Airport had catered to more than 576,300 flyers, while Edinburgh Airport had a total of 842,372 passengers go through its terminals. Both figures registered a 4.9% growth for their respective airports.

More significantly, international flight density rose by 7.9% for Glasgow and 4.5% for Edinburgh, indicating that the two are taking advantage of the ongoing international tourism surge. Considering the 30% increase of booked flights from the Middle East, and China’s new upper-middle social class taking a liking to international traveling, Scotland’s airports are in prime position to benefit from this tourism potential.

The Scots aren’t the only ones striking while the iron is hot. In the UK, London’s flagship Heathrow Airport is set to unveil its Terminal 2 expansion in June. Also making the most of the potentially huge tourist inflow is Gatwick Airport, following Heathrow’s infrastructure expansion wake by allocating more than $13 billion to its expansion budget.

As reported by the BBC, Gatwick chief executive Stewart Wingate expects that a new runway will be able to service 10 million more passengers a year. It should also be expected that its existing topnotch customer facilities will also be given improvements to accommodate the anticipated passenger boom.  And in a more intimate sort of appreciation, blogger Becky of gushes about the airport’s flyer-friendly amenities, especially the large play area for families with kids in tow.

A steady stream of international flyers is not always a guarantee in the air travel business. Being that there’s one happening right now, it would do airports the world over to beef up their services and partake in the tourism wave.

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